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Monday, October 24, 2016

Autism and Telepathy is there a Connection?

In the Rankin Family fantasy series, Five Days of Darkness, one of the main characters is Charlie, a seven-year-old autistic child who is also telepathic. Charlie can receive and send information to another person without the use of speech or sign language.  

Charlie’s character mirrors my son’s life. Antoine was born with two deadly disorders: Hydrocephalus and Neurofibromatosis, which left him severely disabled. His autism took a back seat to these two grave diseases. Nevertheless, he did have a behaviorist and speech therapist. I remember her telling me I was Antoine’s worst problem, because I allowed him to communicate with me through his special language, which she didn't accept or believe in. 

The special communication language she referred to was Antoine’s ability to let me know sometimes through telepathy what he desired. So, it was easy for me to tell Charlie’s story and the relationship he had with his parents and others. I describe from experience how difficult and frustrating it was for Charlie’s parents to accept their perfectly beautiful child's condition. And it was just as frustrating for Charlie to know his parents didn’t understand him until the unforeseen happened that changed their lives forever. 

Charlie’s story gives another perspective about the mental and emotional abilities of autistic children. In the Metaphysical world, Charlie is called a  Rainbow child.  Rainbow Children are the third generation of divine children (Indigo and Crystal) that have reincarnated into the Earth’s plane. One of their purposes is to heighten the awareness of humankind's 6th sense and the psychic powers they have. However, many educators, psychologists, and medical professionals tend to disregard the intuitive abilities of autistic children as some New Age fad or a denial by parents to accept their child as autistic

Charlie’s character brings out these disparities and gives the reader and in- depth look into the mind of an autistic and telepathic child in a very entertaining, fast-paced story.

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