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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Making your Mind Matter with Joe Dispenza Part 2

I'm a big believer of the inspirational quote-change your mind, change your life. Dr. Joe Dispenza, one of my favorite metaphysical teachers, gives the scientific and spiritual reasons why your mind matters. He will tell you how to place the right "software" in your brain to change your mind, change your life. So, what are you waiting for? Click and get ready to understand and learn how to make major shifts in your life.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Let's Talk Sex and Spirituality

As I was contemplating about the theme for my new book, Fornakopia, I wanted to focus on a mature woman's sexual life and the connection between sex and spirituality as the driving points of the story.

I talked to several matured women about their sexual lives. The discussion wasn't a scientific study but to gather information to shape my protagonist's character. Several important things surfaced in the discussion. The  women talked about sexual suppression. While growing up, they weren't allowed to ask questions or discuss sex within the family or with others, resulting in feelings of guilt, shame, and emotional abandonment. These negative feelings affected their sexual performance and enjoyment. Suppression could go even deep if physical abuse or rape occurred.

 The discussion also centered on the age of  their first sexual encounter and did they know what to expect. Many said no. They were in their teens or early twenties and were clueless, and so were their partners. I asked if they enjoyed sex in their younger years. They responded if they were in a loving relationship sex was good. All agreed sex got better as they aged.

My last question to this esteemed group of women- do you have orgasms?  Some did, and others didn't, or they faked it. But no one talked about the god-orgasm-when spiritual and sexual energies connect to create bliss and enlightenment.

 Spiritual teacher, healer, and author Dr. Deepak Chopra describes it as, "when somebody experiences intimacy and reaches orgasm, we feel vulnerable, intimate, we are defenseless, spontaneous, joyful, carefree and there is a sense of timelessness. These are the characteristics and true nature of our spirit.  Spontaneous, joyful, carefree and there is a sense of timelessness. Living your life with this level of intimacy would allow to emerge the evolutionary impulse, the creative energy of the universe which is your spirit."  Follow Deepak on Twitter:

From those conversations, research and my creative mind, I created Annaliza Wentworth, the protagonist of Fornakopia. She is a rich, matured, widow who lives a passionless life. She spends her time daydreaming about having a steamy, sensual relationship, something she always wanted. Psychological trauma, spiritual suppression, and sexual fantasies are all significant parts of Annaliza's character, making for a sensual, suspenseful, romantic novel.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

NA Obsessions: Spotlight: Fornakopia by B.J. Denver

NA Obsessions: Spotlight: Fornakopia by B.J. Denver: Amazon A Vulnerable Woman... Annaliza Wentworth is a rich widow who lives a passionless life. She spends her time daydreaming abou...