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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Do You Know the Meaning of Fornakopia? New Book Release

A Vulnerable Woman...

 Annaliza Wentworth is  a rich widow who lives a passionless life. She spends her time daydreaming about having a steamy, sensual relationship, something that she always wanted. Browsing the Internet, Annaliza finds a website for online dating and sex therapy. Labeled the Ice Princess by her late husband, Annaliza takes a chance and subscribes to it.

Wicked Pleasures and Choices...
The mysterious and sexy Dr. Lance Le Blanc, psychiatrist, sex therapist, and owner of the site, tantalizes Annaliza with his promises of sexual fulfillment. Elroy McKinny, a brazen young attorney her daughter's age, shows her the dark side of sexual fantasies; while Jim Ryan, the mysterious outsider, wants her for himself.

Cosmic Bliss or the Devil's Lair...
The betrayal of close friends, her livelihood threatened and her husband's secret past life, pushes Annaliza deeper into a world of sex, lies and unsavory alliances. The emerging unrest in her life forces Annaliza to come to grips with reality.

This book is for matured audiences only.

To purchase click here:  Amazon

B.J. Denver is the name, bestselling author, J.J. Michael uses for her Fornakopia series. Ms. Michael, a spiritual teacher and intuitive numerologist, wrote the Fornakopia fiction series to highlight the healing power of sexual energy.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Dr Mario Martinez:: The Mind, Body Code.

Dr. Mario Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist. In 1998, he developed Biocognitive Science that deals with the hidden codes, which influence our mind and body health. I highly recommend this book. 

In his book and videos, he discusses:

  • Are Illnesses learned or are the causes of health inherited?

  • How much do our beliefs affect our immune system?

  • What have we learned by studying stress?

  • How do we change our beliefs?

  • What is the abundance phobia?

  • What are non-negotiable practices?