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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014- Transformation Through Spiritual Alchemy

In numerology, 2014 (2+0+1+4) adds up to the single digit 7. The 7 vibration is about transformation through spiritual alchemy.  Linda Goodman in Star Signs says, In every religion, the number 7 symbolizes the mysterious “God Force,” or spiritual power." According to Owen Waters: “As a 7 year, the upcoming 2014 is a time when the world will focus within to realize deeper truths. From these realizations, new courses of action will spring forth. They may simply understand their work more deeply but, for spiritual seekers, this will be a great year for gaining a better understanding of the universal laws of abundance. 2014 is a year to contact deeper levels of consciousness within yourself, to reconsider everything about your life so far, and to reinvent yourself through new courses of action. The influence of this year will help you see new opportunities to realize more of your potential in life.” (Full article available at

The vibration 7 is all about the brain and mind power. After several thousand years, science and spirituality are converging. Scientists are finally showing how our thoughts can cause specific molecular changes in our genes and the importance of thoughts in our daily lives. ( 
Neuroscientists are no longer touting that the brain is a physiologically static organ. They are now saying that the brain never stops changing and adjusting throughout life due to it being plastic. Neuroplasticity describes how life experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain. 2014 is the year to get involved in brain games no matter what age you’re. 

Just as this year is about the brain, it is also about the heart and the will of God. In the Tarot Deck, the Major Tarot card the Chariot represents the number 7, which suggests dedicating oneself to a goal or an ideal that would not only serve oneself but also humanity. The Tarot cards represent universal archetypes. The Chariot card shows a prince in a chariot carrying his wand of will and authority. There are two sphinxes pulling the chariot representing the negative and positive energies in the world. This year will bring victory through adversity. The 7 year is about learning to control the spirit and shadow in our nature.This is the time we are to live according to Divine will and not just the mind/ego. I will Thy will in my life or I surrender to Divine will are the perfect mantras for this year. 

Numerology and astrology are sister sciences. Stephanie Austin, M.A. is a full time astrologer specializing in life purpose, career, and relationship readings since 1986.  She states “New moons are optimal times to set new goals, and a new moon on New Year’s Day greatly magnifies the potency of our intentions for 2014. What are you ready to leave behind? What do you want to manifest now? Capricorn is the sign most concerned with understanding karma, the law of cause and effect, and dharma, realizing our place in the cosmic order. Symbolized by the mountain goat, one of Capricorn’s primary challenges is to climb the right mountain -- to determine our own aspirations, and standards. To become our own boss, our own authority. To walk our talk. To have healthy boundaries and integrity. To realize that we are here by choice, that we are not on Earth as some form of punishment, but as Spirit playing in the illusion of duality. (Read the full article at

In 2014 step out on faith and remember that new beginnings start every moment. The question to ask every morning and night. What am I doing today to reach my fullest potential and contribute to humanity ? What did I do today to reach my fullest potential and contribute to humanity?