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Monday, December 8, 2014

What the Bleep Does Neuroplasticity Have to Do With Me?

I became aware of Neuroplasticity when I was involved with, a website that promotes brain wellness by playing scientific brain games. It captured my interest because of my experience with my son, Antoine Aparicio (1984-2001). Anti, as family and friends called him, was born with severe Hydrocephalus, fluid on the brain. While in the womb, fluid had destroyed a region of Anti’s brain called the cerebellum, which plays an important part in motor control and some cognitive functions.  The neonatal physicians and neurosurgeons gave him three months to live, and if he did live past that time, he would be a vegetable.

He lived until he was sixteen and was an extraordinary spiritual being. I write a lot about Anti in my blogs, because his life demonstrated that he was, indeed, a Master teacher. You can read more about Anti’s story in my book, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir.

In the early stages of Anti’s life, I was immersed in the New Thought Movement. One of the basic beliefs of the movement is you can heal yourself with your thoughts. Years before a cure for Tuberculosis was discovered, Myrtle Fillmore, a co-founder of Unity Church, healed herself of this dreadful disease. As I read more healing testimonies, I was convinced that Anti could be healed in spite of the negative prognosis from his neurosurgeons.  Since Anti verbally couldn’t tell me what he was thinking. I relied on his feelings. Was he happy or sad?  As I read his non-verbal cues, I discovered he also read mine. I would recite healing and gratitude affirmations to him as he met  developmental milestones. Now Neuroscientists are confirming that the brain can create new neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, thinking and emotions throughout our lifetime.

The environment plays a big part in our health. We can't access the region of the brain governing creativity when we are trapped in high levels of stress. There is a global Neurological epidemic  happening right now.  Diseases such as Alzheimer and Dementia are starting at younger ages, due to the fast-paced, high-tech, high-stress lifestyles we are living.

This is the time to slow down and become an observer of  our environment by becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts become hardwired programs of the brain and emotions the feelings of the body. They both create reality.  Ancient esoteric teachers  have always stated- focus on what you want and not what you don't want. Now Quantum physicists are saying- wherever you put your attention, energy flows. The message is the same, to think positive thoughts.

The idea is to stop the negative thought before it becomes hardwired into your brain and produce an unwanted energy form. Oh yeah, thoughts are energy waves, waiting for you to notice them so they can materialize.  You can break negative thinking by  shouting out "Stop" in your mind.  I hum the song, Let It Go

So, what the bleep does Neuroplasticity has to do with us? A lot.  The new science is helping us to become aware, understand and learn how to cope with the changing environment of technological stresses.

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