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Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Like Alice Looking Down the Rabbit Hole But Quantum Jumping

The Golden Ratio
I love writing. By the age of nine, I knew I wanted to write books and share them with others. At that young age, I sent my stories written on lined paper with a number #2 pencil to a  publisher, only to receive a nicely-worded rejection letter. Fast forward a few decades later, I tried again with the same results. Not one to give up, I discovered Publishing on Demand. published my first book, Path to Truth: a Guide to Higher Unconsciousness.*  Veterans in the publishing industry gave me the following advice. First, don’t quite your day job; you won’t make any money in this field. Good luck.
    Again fast forward four years later, I had my first novel, Life is Never as It Seems, published in 2005, by Genesis Press. Two years later Genesis published the sequel, It’s Not Over Yet. Nevertheless,  I decided to reinvent my publishing career by letting  go of the literary agent and publisher.  I was free to do what I wanted to do. The publishing industry was undergoing a revolution with Publishing on Demand and eBooks. I became a gate jumper. A gate jumper is one who thinks out of the box and not necessarily follow the established rules of publishing. You can read about how I made the shift to become a gate jumper in my 2009 blog: I'm a Gate Jumper:Rethinking the Publishing Industry.                      
    It worked for me. I self-published my third book-Secrets Unraveled. ( It became an Amazon bestseller for over three years. I do believe you can accumulate money in the publishing industry as a writer, especially now with the eBook and Amazon changing the publishing landscape. My daughter, Michelle Carey’s first book, Church Chick, ( published by Sunrai Multimedia, LLC., has done extremely well. She is a quantum jumper.
    By now you may be wondering what quantum jumping is and what does it have to do with the publishing industry. Quantum jumping is based on the principle of Quantum Physics that if we observe something it becomes real for us. When you quantum jump, you envision what you desire in your world by imagining, feeling  and acting as if you already have what you desire. Mathew Cross, author of The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & You and Millionaire’s Map, stated in Personal Transformation - The Secret Power of Chaos.( “By letting our imagination soar through ideal scenarios and feeling them as if they are "real" - in the present tense - we set the stage for miracles in our lives.”  You also set the stage for the Law of Attraction to kick in and like a magnet, it pulls to you what you’re focusing on.
    As I prepare to launch my latest novel, Secrets and Serpents, ( I decided to blog about the quantum jumping process I am using to reach my chief aim-goal- of making my book more visible to the world. You can have a great book, but if no one knows about it, the book doesn’t sell or sell as well as you want.  I already know quantum principles work from my life experiences. Blogging about it is a technique to keep me focus on my goal. Additionally, I want to share the process with you. These quantum steps will work in any area of your life.  
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    Get started by reading David Cameron’s A Happy Pocket Full of money: Infinite Wealth and Abundance in the Here and Now. An easy to read book, detailing how to build wealth consciousness and understanding the science behind it.  

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*1.618.1 the Golden Ratio and number of manifestation

 *Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness is now an eBook, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir

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