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Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Key Steps for Psychology of Book Success

You believe that you a great book. It’s your dream. The cover is appealing. The format is perfect, and the story will keep the reader turning the pages. But it’s not selling at the level of being a bestselling book. You promote your book through social media, advertising and even hiring a book marketing promoter. The selling numbers are good, but it doesn't last long. I discovered that a large percentage of promoting books is about the psychology of success.

The psychology of book success starts with knowing what you want. Do you just want to write a book, publish it and tell family and friends about it? Do you want to expand your list to include social media contacts? Do you want to be an Amazon bestselling author and/or New York Times bestselling author? Do you want to be a famous international, rich, successful author? You define what you desire and what success means to you.

Have you ever wondered why a book that you consider a wreck is a bestseller? I guarantee you that if you interviewed the author, he would say he knew what he wanted, and he stayed the course against all odds. 

Here’s what I learned. The first step is to write out exactly what you desire. Write a detailed description based on your visualization of what you desire. Be sure to include touchy-feely words.  If you don’t have a Definite Chief Aim, you won’t get the results you want for your writing career. It’s like wanting apples but planting seeds for oranges. Napoleon Hill, the author of several international bestsellers on motivational literature, defines the Definite Chief Aim as a burning desire or a definite purpose in your life. Of course, you can have more than one chief aim.

The second step you must do with your Definite Chief Aim is lock it in your subconscious mind. We manifest everything we desire in the  subconscious mind. Dreams become a reality. Once you have planted it in your subconscious mind, then you can select thoughts that harmonize with your Chief Aim. The thing to remember is your thoughts create your world. By the time, you get to the promotional events for your book you’ll have created an environment based on success.

You have written out your Definite Chief Aim, locked it into your subconscious mind and now you want to place it somewhere you can review it daily or as often as needed to keep you focus. Add a gratitude statement and explain how you will give a service or pay forward.

Set specific times to review your progress and determine what needs to be added, deleted or changed from your Definite Chief Aim. Throughout the years, I have changed my Definite Chief Aim several times based on my emotional, mental and spiritual growth as an individual and gained knowledge of the publishing industry. 

Lastly, put an action plan into play to guarantee success. If you follow the above steps, it's not hard to do.  Let me know how you do. I have locked in my Definite Chief Aim for my latest book, Secrets and Serpents. Learn more about my action plan in the next blog.

 Secrets & Serpents on Hot New Release. #6-  Goal accomplished!

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