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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Secrets & Serpents-Lucid Dreams and OBEs

Lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences are the driving force in the second book, Secrets & Serpents of the Rankin Family series. Oh yeah, winged serpents (Anunnaki) of Planet X are also a part of this paranormal psychic suspense thriller.
The idea for the story developed from my own experiences with lucid dreams and out-of-body experiences (OBEs).  I have been doing both for a number of years. During a lucid dream in early November of 2013,  my spirit guide showed me three things that would occur on the trip I was scheduled to take to London, England to attend the Gateway of the Mind Conference: I would see a black wrought iron fence; I would meet an African medicine man; and there would be a connection with World War II. All three things happened.
The conference was held in the Tabernacle, a building located across from a small garden with a black wrought iron fence. The fence became my marker for not getting lost in a section of London that was new for me. I’m now friends with @ Andrew Banjo, a Nigerian medicine man, and the last day of the conference was on a Sunday, November 11, 2013. Each year on November 11, the United Kingdom remembers the men and women who gave their lives in the two world wars.
Lucid dreaming is powerful. While lucid dreaming you are aware that you’re dreaming. In fact, you become the director of the dream and can change the landscape of the dream.
Of all the psychic experiences I have had, going out-of-the body is the one that I feared the most, but was utterly excited about having it happened. My OBEs occur spontaneously. Imagine having lunch with a friend and your consciousness pops out of your body for a few seconds and you stare at your body and that of your friend. You know what happened, but your friend is oblivious to the event. Lucid dreaming and OBEs are powerful confirmation of life after death, of multi-dimensional worlds, and of quantum jumping. 
In Secrets & Serpents, the main character is Jack Rankin. I chose Jack from the first book of the Rankin family series, Five the Days of Darkness, because he is a non-believer in supernatural and psychic phenomena. Nevertheless, Jack is faced with a dilemma. What would he do to save the soul of his son? Is he willing to become a conscious explorer of the worlds within worlds? Would you?
In this series, I reveal how ordinary life is really full of extraordinary psychic occurrences and people, if we only open our consciousness.
Secrets & Serpents coming 8.22.14.