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Monday, April 1, 2013

Transcript for WealthySistas Radio Show-the Map of Human Consciousness and Wealth

Hi Everyone,

My name is JJ Michael.

I’m an author, blogger, numerologist and metaphysical teacher.
I have been working in the field of spiritual science for over 30 years.
Today on Wealthy Sistas Radio, I’m sharing with you a powerful Wealth tip based on metaphysical and spiritual principles.

Change your consciousness, change your life.

Okay, many of you may have heard this statement before, but now there’s scientific research to support it. And I want to tell you about and how it affects your life. The renowned author, physician, lecturer and researcher of spiritual consciousness, Dr. David Hawkins developed the Map of Human Consciousness. 

He believed that humans live at different levels of consciousness or awareness based on their thoughts, emotions and attitudes.

Let’s take a look at this map.  The lowest and weakest level of consciousness vibrates at -20 and the highest and strongest level at + 1000.

In his book, Power vs. Force, Dr. Hawkins stated that the map is based upon kinesiology or muscle testing. He performed research with thousands of subjects over a 30 year period. 

According to Dr. Hawkins, Most of humanity is stuck in the negative (-) levels starting with -20 which is shame, - 30 is guilt or blame: Hitler was a- 45; I just thought I throw that in.

 At-50 is apathy/depression, and -75 is grief and lost. 

 I remember reading in the book that a lot of gamblers vibrated at this level because they are always grieving their losses and at  minus -100 is fear and anxiety.

The scale doesn’t change to positive until the level of plus +200 courage is reached.
As we move up the scale it only gets better Love is +500 with enlightenment being + 1000.  

78% of the world’s population is below + 200 and only 22% is above.

We have work to do folks.

So, if you were wondering why your business can’t reach the next level, this is why. We become stuck at any one of these lower chronic levels that drain our energies that we could be putting into our dreams and businesses. Those lower emotions are the blocks and they are within us.

For example, If any of you find yourself blaming the government and others for your financial woes. STOP. Blame is at the bottom of the list with guilt a minus 30. Get out of there. Have the courage to make that leap in faith.

We want to be at the +200 level or above to live our lives in abundance. Prosperity means moving forward and that’s what we want to do. 

Start by doing an inventory of your thoughts in regard to what you think and feel about money. 

In my book Path to truth: a Spiritual Memoir I wrote about my life as a truth seeker and the metaphysical and spiritual principles I learned on my journey. 

I have a chapter on prosperity where I list 10 questions that will help you uncover any hidden thoughts or beliefs about prosperity or money.  Remember your external life is only reflecting your internal thoughts or consciousness. 

The key to opening the door to success --is within you. So, let me repeat the tip for today: Change your consciousness; change your life.
The transcript for this segment will be posted on my blog:
You can connect with me; on facebook @jjmichael author and @twitter jjmichael.

Have a great day, in fact, have a great life.

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