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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Your Life Story is Not Who You're

I know the title of this blog might sound a little strange to you, but it’s truth. Your life story is not who you’re. You’re a soul having a human experience.   In Michael A. Singer’s book The Untethered Soul, he says we are not our human experiences. The soul is the watcher of the thoughts and actions that take place in our lives.  We become attached to things outside of our soul. We believe we are the events, the emotions and feelings. For many of you this might be shocking or it might really ruffle your belief system. The idea would had bothered me too, two or three decades ago, until I decided to find out for myself who I am.  

I wrote about my incredible journey into the world of spirituality and metaphysics. The book was title, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Truth. It contained quite a lot of esoteric information. With the onslaught of older books being published as eBooks, I decided to do the same for Path to Truth. I changed the title to Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir.

Along with all the esoteric information, I tell my story. Who I am jumps out at you on every page-a soul playing the role of a maven. It’s a Hebrew word (of Yiddish origin) that means one who seeks knowledge and passes it on to other. I’m passing this knowledge on to you. I hope you accept it or share it with someone else by clicking on the link below. It’s FREE. You don’t have to have an ereader. You can get a Kindle app or download it to your PC.

This offer is only valid on February 18 and 19 on Amazon.

The Path to Truth Workbook with up-dated information will be published this spring.

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