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Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 & Beyond for Lightworkers

I have waited for over 30 years to embrace the energy of 12.21.12. My excitement about the day grew as I planned on what I was going to do that day, since I wasn't going to a sacred site outside of the US. I wanted to stand in the center of a local garden labyrinth facing the sun with my arms outstretched, but the Universe had a different plan for me. Instead, I was visiting my 87- year-old mom who was asleep in a hospital bed. She had pneumonia. My plans for 12.21.12 and Christmas never materialized. My family  celebrated Christmas day in my mom’s hospital room. No dinner, but we did exchange gifts. A day later, I came down with a cold virus that landed me in bed for several days. It was time for reflection.  I had to ask myself what does all of this means.

There was no big bang on 12.21.12; it came in like a lamb and left the same way. Most people probably didn’t even know that a significant event occurred- the end of a Great Year and maybe the beginning of a new astrological age. Was it just another day? It seemed like an ordinary day, but those who are in tune with the subtle energy realized that a shift happened. More light energy infiltrated the planet. This influx of light is causing major upheaval in the world. It’s the battle between light and dark. I will not list all the terrible events that have happened recently in the US and globally that demonstrate this. The media has done a good job at that.

This is the time to reflect on your own life, especially lightworkers. Those who work with the light such as healers, teachers, scientist, astrologers, spiritual and religious leaders, numerologists, and etc. are the wayshowers for others and have to clear out their energies NOW to receive and handle more light. What is the Universe asking us to give up or do as we move deeper into light energy? What life lessons do we need to face and over come? Who do we need to forgive? For most of us these lessons aren’t new. We are revisiting them to release any negative energy that is keeping us attached to the old way of duality. This is the time of extraordinary human consciousness development. It’s scary at first, but when you let go of fear, there is only love and love will protect you.

Trust the Universe and keep an open heart chakra no matter what the circumstances might be. So, before you write off 12.21.12 as a “New Age Fad” that didn’t happen, think again.

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