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Sunday, December 16, 2012

EcoAstrology Update: New Moon, New Age, New Earth

Guest Blogger Stephanie Austin M.A. is a professional astrologer specializing in life purpose, career, and relationship readings since 1986. She also teaches astrology and writes the New and Full Moon column for the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. Her background includes a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a master's in Consciousness Studies, and a lifelong involvement with meditation, Nature, and healing. For more information on her astrology readings, eBooks, tutorials, and forecasts, please visit You can read the entire article on her website.
There is nothing to fear. Relax. Rest. Release. Receive. Remember. 
  • Relax in the knowing that you don't have to do anything, that you always have choice. Do less and be more; the best "doing" comes from your "being". 
  • Rest into the loving support that is holding you and assisting you through this transition. Your guides and angels are on standby, waiting for you to call on them. You need only ask. 
  • Release whatever is weighing you down and holding you back. Be in the present moment. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Bless it all. Be grateful for what you learned.  
  • Receive the light, the love, the information that is pouring down from the heavens. The downloads may take a while to decode. Hold beginners mind. We are making a quantum leap. 
  • Remember who you really are. Remember that you were born and trained for these times. Remember that everything you need is inside you. Remember your heart knows the way.
Slowing down and being in quiet receptivity for at least several days around 12-12 and 12-21, and as much as possible, facilitates absorbing and adjusting to the new frequencies being beamed onto Earth from the galactic core. This not only assists your own ascension, but also helps ground the energies for others. Our DNA, our consciousness, and our reality is changing. Think of it as a huge cosmic upgrade, where a bigger hard drive or more RAM must be installed to run more complex programs. “We are gradually being prepared to assimilate to the new Earth as totally upgraded beings where we will become much different, more highly evolved humans than we have ever been. The energy waves are also capable of causing upheaval in one's life, as you have likely experienced at times during 2012. Rest assured, it is all part of a grand Divine plan meant to give you the boost you will need to resonate to the higher frequencies to be found upon the new Earth.” -- Scott Mowry (full article at

The most visible marker for such a large cycle is the apparent alignment of the winter solstice Sun with the center of our Milky Way galaxy, symbolic of Spirit’s deepest descent into matter and its return to the Light. The more we clear our shadow, the more conscious we become, and the more receptive we can be to the extraordinary cosmic upgrades offered by this alignment. As we shift our focus from making a living to making a difference, as we heal and open our hearts, we perceive and live in an entirely different world. For more, read The Mystery of 2012, an anthology compiled by Sounds True, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 by John Major Jenkins, and Cedar River's excellent article Crossing the New Frontier of Oneness at

“For the past 25 years, since the quantum leap in energy, vibration, and consciousness the Earth and Humanity experienced during Harmonic Convergence, we have been through myriad influxes of Light. These influxes have included rare Celestial alignments, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, powerful Solar Flares, and literally hundreds of Global Activities of Light that were orchestrated through the unified efforts of embodied Lightworkers and the Company of Heaven. Each and every one of these events bathed the Earth in Divine Light and accelerated the frequency of vibration in Humanity’s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies at an atomic cellular level. Many people were consciously aware of these influxes of Light, but the vast majority of people evolving on this planet went through these experiences without any conscious awareness. The influx of Light we will experience on December 12, and December 21-22 will be infinitely more powerful than anything we have previously experienced, but our I AM Presence has been preparing our bodies to withstand this Light for 25 years. Children are being born with the ingrained capacity to assimilate this Light as well, so all is in readiness. All we have to do in order to be the instruments of God we are destined to be is stay focused in our hearts. Then we will be the Open Door for the Light of God that will Birth this planet and all her Life into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. What people will experience on a tangible level will be unique for each person. Some people will be very aware of the shift of energy, vibration, and consciousness that has occurred within them. Other people will initially be oblivious to any changes, but as time passes and they assimilate the Light they will realize that something has dramatically shifted within them. Day by day, they will begin to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” -- Patricia Cota-Robles (
New moons mark the beginning of a new cycle and, in Sagittarius, the birth of new views of ourselves and our place in the universe. The Sagittarian Archer aims at the heavens, its arrow literally pointing toward the heart of our Milky Way galaxy. Light encodes information. The Galactic Center transmits immense amounts of electromagnetic radiation; celestial bodies aligning with the Galactic core focalize those high-energy particles, triggering shifts in consciousness. Within a few hours of this new moon, asteroid Juno conjoins the Galactic Center at 28º Sagittarius, and opposes dwarf planet Ceres, facilitating the integration of feminine and masculine, as well as a more balanced relationship between humankind and the natural world. Venus’s conjunction with the North Node in Scorpio and Pallas’s square and Vesta’s opposition to this new moon punctuate the evolutionary imperative for equality and collaboration, enjoining us to evolve from the love of power to the power of love. Just a few hours after the next new moon forms, Uranus ends its yearly retrograde phase, amplifying cosmic support for a quantum leap in consciousness. The archetype of higher intelligence, innovation, and liberation, as well as the planet most associated with Aquarius, Uranus stationed retrograde five months ago on July 13 at 8°32’ Aries; its turning direct impels us to take a giant step forward. This is also a SuperMoon, where the Moon is both at perigee (closest to the Earth) and syzygy (in a direct line with the Sun and Earth), increasing electromagnetic and gravitational pulls on the Earth’s tides and tectonic plates, as well as our psyches.
On December 20–22, Jupiter, the planet traditionally associated with Sagittarius, forms a yod or “Finger of God” aspect (two quincunxes and a sextile), with Saturn at 9° Scorpio and Pluto at 9° Capricorn, further galvanizing us to transcend the bounds of our parental, religious, and societal programming. Let your intuition guide you as to where to be and what to do for the three day period of the solstice (December 20, 21, and 22), whether that is in nature, at a power spot or sacred site, or in your garden, home, or other kind of sanctuary. “The three day window with the Galactic Core alignment and Sun is an opportunity to move out of the old paradigm fully and into the new. For those that have done the work it will be  beautiful; in a blink of an eye you are through. Some will go through kicking and screaming, and others think this is all a load of bull and will be closed down to the whole thing. Those who have open hearts do not have to know any of this esoteric information; purely by having an open heart you are through. Through into more fully being the divine being you are; the world will still be here, you will still want your lunch, but something subtle has changed inside you, and it's been changing for along time now, bit by bit, every time you love and accept an aspect of self that was unloved, transform your anger and let go your control and surrender into divine will.” -- Soluntra King (

It’s never been more crucial to be clear about our intentions and visions for the future. This new moon, vastly empowered by the transformative forces of 12/12 and 12/21, magnifies what is in our minds and hearts. What we believe, we will see. What we desire, we will manifest. Are we choosing love or fear? Are we creators or victims? Are we living our life purpose or our programming? Our answers to those questions determine how we will experience this extraordinary time in history. “We are on the brink of the divine life. You are being invited to make yourself ready and jump. This is a once in 26,000 year opportunity. It’s worth pulling out all the stops. Be very discerning about how you spend your time. Quiet down everything in your life. Practice complete integrity, not compromising the truth at all. Clean out your shadow. Pray and meditate a lot. Seek out beauty. Forgive yourself; forgive others. There is no situation where you wouldn’t choose love. Just choose love. That is what you need to get through the doorway.” -- Leslie Temple-Thurston (

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Stephanie Austin

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