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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black Friday Weedend-eBook Deals

Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir FREE on 11/23 and 11/24.

My awareness of the spiritual laws started at the age of fifteen when I found a book on reincarnation at the public Library. I soon realized that I was a soul having a human experience. Path to Truth is about my journey from my teen years to  young adult into the realm of metaphysics and spirituality. This is my story of how my soul expresses itself in this physical realm at that time. Coming soon the Path to Truth Workbook.

Two eBooks deals at 99cents each on

Five Days of Darkness

The last several years had been tough for Serenity Rankin. She knew marrying Jack was going to be difficult. She was black, and a Democrat; Jack was white, rich and a Republican, working for the most powerful Senator on the Hill. They were in love. Then Jack deserted her, leaving her to care for their autistic son, Charlie, who was no ordinary child. Determined to save her marriage and get help for Charlie, Serenity sets out to find Sophia, the mysterious healer of a subculture group, Unity for Oneness (UFO), who she believes is her only salvation. Little did Serenity know that she was being caught up in the biggest chess game of life.

Secrets Unraveled
A gripping story of a woman's rise to power, fall from grace, and fight for salvation. Since childhood Margaret Pierce has always heard voices in her head. trapped in a world of delusions and fears, she refused to believe either of her psychiatrists' diagnosis--one being schizophrenia and the other psychic. Once the most powerful first lady of the renowned Mt. Olive Baptist Church of Washington, DC, she now spends her days in her bedroom planning her climb back to the top. But one person stands in her way--Pastor Alan Pierce, her husband, who threatens to have her committed to a mental institution. Nevertheless, Margaret knows his deep dark secrets, but who will listen to her? She has no one, until the unforeseen happens.

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