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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who is Mitt Romney?-His Numbers Tell It All

Update: This blog was posted January 24, 2012. I decided to post it again because it is so on point regarding the personality of Mitt Romney. Pundits are saying that the Republican base has connected with Romney. They have connected with the candidate but not the man. The Romney that showed up for the first debate was the "Corporate Executive", defending his turf. In the second debate he lacked that confidence because he faced a Master Number "Obama is an 11". When Obama is in his true form he is at the top of his game. Romney lapsed back into the negative aspect of the 3 vibration-difficulty in expressing himself with clarity and eloquence.  

Who is Willard Mitt Romney and why can’t he connect with his Republican base? The answers are in his numerology numbers. As shown below Romney has a 6 destiny number and 9 life path. The most striking revelation on his name and birth date path is the number of 3’s.

            9  1              9            6    5      =      30/3
    Willard          Mitt        Romney
    5 33 94         4   22     9   45 7    =     57/12/3            
             5933194        4922       64557      =      87/15/6

             March      12       1947
                         3                   3               21/3 = 9

Let’s look at how Mitt Romney’s numbers give a clear and authentic picture of who he is.  Not only does he have an abundance of 3’s on his name path but a triple combination on his birth path. The number 3 often called the “Divine Child of God, " is a happy, luck, sensitive and blessed vibration. I know most of you are thinking this doesn't fit Romney. Let me explain. 

The numbers 1-9 are divided into sets of 3’s and Romney’s birth name numbers and birth date number fall into the concord of 3-6-9 that vibrates with the artistic, inspirational and spiritual realm. It makes sense that Romney channels much of his energy into his Mormon religion being a lay leader in the church. However, he suppressed his artistic right brain gifts and leaned heavily on his left/logical brain to achieve material success.  A large part of his pursuit of money and power was due to his childhood upbringing and psychological need to garnish the approval of his father and others, moving away from his true 3-6-9 nature. Romney can’t articulate who he is and connect with people because he isn’t living his authentic self. He is similar to the character in the movie Pretty Woman portrayed by Richard Gere, a ruthless corporate executive, who wasn’t in touch with himself and yearned for his father’s approval. Family and friends describe Romney as a gentle, playful and loving person; unfortunately through a childhood of strict and stiff conditions he suppressed and hide this part of himself from the public to protect his inner child. His biggest challenge in life and in this campaign is to learn to be comfortable in his own shoes.

Those with an abundance of 3’s on their path are highly emotional people who sometimes lack self-esteem and easily get scattered when rejected or criticized. They also have challenges in verbal communication or are great communicators. Often they have to overcome speech impediments or have difficulty in expressing their feelings. They sound passionless. In the GOP debates, Romney is bombarded constantly with negative energy from the other candidates. This keeps him emotionally unbalance and not able to articulate clear and poignant responses. Even though, he is fighting back now with his own negative rhetoric it is not his nature to be an attack dog. Romney does well in debates when he is scripted or quiet. The negative GOP campaign is going against his true authentic nature of the sensitive Divine Child of God. He is not only fighting his opponents but himself. This campaign like no other one is pushing him to be authentic.

The 6 on his path shows his love of family and church. He refuels his energy through them. However, he has to be in control, telling them how to live their lives.  Also the 6 destiny is the vibration of service and responsibility. His tax forms show that he has given large amount of money to his church and other charities. He really believes that he can make a difference. He is a humanitarian. With a 9 birth path, Romney desires to play in the leadership arena. The position as the chief of 2002 Salt Lake City’s Olympic organizing committee was perfect for him.

His challenge in this life time is to learn how to express his authentic self; if not, he will never gain the popularity and support he needs to win anything.   

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