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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Second Booklist for 2012


                   “I can’t live without books.” ~Thomas Jefferson
The other day I was thinking about the book, Fahrenheit 451, by the renowned Science Fiction writer, Ray Bradbury. Published in 1953, the story takes place in a future American Society where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house where the inhabitants have books and kill them. I cringed with that thought. Books have always been a part of my life. At four years old, I felt in love with a book too big and heavy for me to carry, but I loved looking at the magnificent photos of churches, cathedrals and faraway places. I couldn’t read but the pictures spoke to my soul. 

When Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland was integrated in the 50’s, my father immediately took me to the library and I got my first library card and from then on I lived in libraries. As most of you know, from reading Path to truth: a Spiritual Memoir, at the age of 15, I discovered the book, The Secret Wisdom of Birdey Murphy by Morey Bernstein about reincarnation that set the course of my life. 

Some people have a guru as a spiritual teach or advisor; I have books. Books that have been life changing for me fall off of shelves in book stores, appear from the ether into my home library or are sent to me by other truth seeking souls. Sometimes it can be just one line, one thought or the entire book that will influence my thinking and actions. For example, I have highlighted most of Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul. It speaks to my soul. Below is a list of books that I hope will speak to your soul.

1. Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451
          I decided to include this book because it has such a strong message about what can happen to society when one group of people rule and pass laws that are detrimental to the spiritual growth of humankind. The movie, based on the book, was made in 1954.

2. Campbell, Joseph The Power of Myths
          Did you ever watch Joseph Campbell on PBS with Bill Moyers? If you missed any of those episodes then you definitely must read this book. Through mythology it connected the dots of the spiritual and physical worlds. In the book, Campbell writes about his favorite place to visit-the Cathedral of Chartres where he could view the Black Madonna.  He had visited the Cathedral many times studying its mysticism and metaphysical secrets. A must read is the chapter titled, “The Gift of the Goddess.”  I also have visited the Cathedral, and knew that one visit wouldn't be enough.

3. Jung, Carl Memories, Dreams, Reflections
          For many years I have read about Carl Jung and his works, but I had never ventured to read his words. Well, this year, I decided I wanted to get to know Carl Jung and I fell in love with his soul. He was crazy in a good way.  I learned a lot from this one book about my own spiritual path. I had a lot in common with Carl Jung. One in particular-- books were our spiritual guides and teachers. I plan to write a much more extensive blog about Carl and me.

 4. Lipton, Bruce The Biology of Belief
          I had listed The Biology of Belief on the first 2012 booklist without an annotation. Because it is a thought provoking book, I decided to include it on this list.  Biology wasn’t one of my favorite subjects. I didn’t like dissecting animals. But this book makes biology come alive. If you can understand how the cells in your bodies work, than you will know how the universe works, (As above so below). Lipton shows how the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts, which speaks to your health, medicine, and money.

5. Michael, JJ Five Days of Darkness
          Sometimes when I write I am in a zone. For most of Five Days of Darkness, I was in that deep zone and the information just flowed. All of my fiction books have spiritual and esoteric information wrapped around human challenges. Like Fahrenheit 451 it is about the battle between light and darkness and how this age old battle affects everyone. Meet Charlie. He is autistic and telepathic-a Rainbow child of the future to show humankind the way. Meet Senator Richard Windham, a walk-in from Planet X, who knows how to control humans through their minds.

 6. Troward, Thomas The Creative Process in the Individual
          Thomas Troward was an influential writer and teacher during the New Thought Movement. Today, many of his teachings are taught in the Science of Mind Centers. Troward believed that if we think, therefore, we create. The problem is when we are not using the appropriate process to create in the right way. In this text, Troward gives you that process. Since our souls are playing on this physical plane let’s learn the rules or laws that govern this world, so we can play the game to win. I hope you will now ask the question to win what? The answer doesn’t begin with an “M”.  Leave a comment or email me at if you know the answer or want to know the answer.

7. Singer, Michael The Untethered Soul:the Journey Beyond Yourself
          The Untethered Soul was published in 2007, and I’m surprised that it took five years for it to gain recognition. Then I realized that human consciousness was not ready for the information given in this book. As we move closer to December 21, 2012, the shift in human consciousness, more souls are awakening and ready for the next step. This is a transformational book, a must read. I’m now reading it for a second time and as I mentioned above I have highlighted most of the text. The subject of the book is YOUR SOUL. 

If you have a book or movie to recommend please contact me a

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