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Friday, September 28, 2012

-Aries-Libra Full Moon Death Rattle of the Old Paradigm

 Guest Blogger:
Stephanie Austin M.A. is a professional astrologer specializing in life purpose, career, and relationship readings since 1986. She also teaches astrology and writes the New and Full Moon column for the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. Her background includes a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a master's in Consciousness Studies, and a lifelong involvement with meditation, Nature, and healing. For more information on her astrology readings, eBooks, tutorials, and forecasts, please visit

September 27, 2012
Dear Friends,

The next full moon peaks on Saturday, September 29 at 8:19 PM PDT at 7º Aries-Libra. This may be most potent full moon of the year, as it closely aligns with the ongoing Uranus–Pluto square (at 7º Aries-Capricorn), bringing those intense evolutionary forces into high relief. This is highly charged and volatile energy. Stay as grounded and centered as you can, so that you can see what needs to change in your life, and take a big step in that direction. Uranus, the energy of awakening and breakthrough, in combo with Pluto, the archetype of power and the unconscious, offers immense support for revelations and liberation from long standing patterns. We are all going through this together, each in our own way, at our own level of awareness. The more understanding and supportive we can be toward each other, the easier and faster the transition will occur. We’re experiencing the death rattle of the old paradigm and the birth pangs of a new world. For more on this extraordinary time, see Denise Le Fay's posting at and Barbara Hand Clow’s article entitled “Choosing Your Intentions: the Second Uranus/Pluto Square at

Aries is the sign of the individual; Libra, the sign of relationship. This full moon highlights the truth that, whether we are living alone or in community, whether we are single or partnered, we are always in relationship, that life is relationship -- with ourselves, others, and the worlds in which we live. Relationships are intricate growth opportunities which provide mirrors for us to see aspects of ourselves that are, as yet, underdeveloped or unconscious. For example, if we are not expressing our Mars -- our anger, passion, and personal desire -- we unconsciously project and encounter that energy through events or people; we continually run into and/or are powerfully attracted to strong, self-determined, courageous types, and if we are totally out of touch with our Mars, we meet the archetype in aggressive and violent forms. The more we deny any part of ourselves, the stronger and more extreme its manifestation becomes in order to get our attention. The more consciously we relate to it, the more constructively we can express it, rather than experience it destructively. Relationships help us develop our relationship to the universe within ourselves. Everything "out there" is really inside us, a spiritual truth encoded in the ancient Hermetic principle, "As above, so below, as without, so within." 

Regardless of whether we have a female or male body, we all have a feminine and masculine side. For the past 5,000 years, the masculine has been considered superior, leading to the denigration of the feminine, feelings, and Nature. In order transcend duality and move into a unified, heart-centered world, which is humanity’s current evolutionary edge, we must rebalance the masculine and feminine on Earth, and within ourselves. Read an excellent description of our masculine and feminine sides at; watch Tony Porter’s Call to Men ( and Eve Ensler on Embracing Your Inner Girl (

Several factors point to an upsurge of feminine power. Venus, the traditional ruler of Libra, is at 26º Leo, almost exactly square to the lunar nodes in 27º Scorpio–Taurus, awakening the Goddess of Love and Beauty in each of us, and urging us to transcend limiting roles for men and women. Mars, the traditional ruler of Aries and the mythic God of War, is at 25º Scorpio, conjunct the North Node and square Venus, stimulating passion and daring, but also cautioning us to be very truthful with ourselves and honest with others about what we really want. During this full moon, the Sun at 7º Libra closely squares Pluto at 7º Capricorn, opposes Uranus and the Moon at 7º Aries, and squares Ceres at 1º Cancer, generating a cardinal grand cross — a dynamic configuration charged with breaking new ground. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) mark the beginning of a new season and, with each of the four directions activated by this full moon, this points toward the genesis of a new template for humanity. Ceres, named for the great Mother Goddess, beckons us to evolve from a hierarchical model to a balanced, co-creative relationship between the masculine and feminine and between humankind and the Earth. Because of Ceres’ approaching retrograde station (October 31 at 4° Cancer), it closely aspects the Uranus–Pluto square through mid May 2013, redefining the rules of power and the roles of women. The generations born with Uranus in Cancer (1949–56) and Uranus in Capricorn (1988–96) are especially galvanized to blaze new trails in relationships, economics, and the environment.
On October 5, Saturn enters Scorpio, ending its once-every-29-years passage in Libra, which began on October 29, 2009. Saturn in Libra called us to redefine and rebalance our relationships; Saturn in Scorpio takes us to the deeper level of relationship -- what happens after we begin sharing more intimately on all levels -- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Saturn in Scorpio  intensifies cosmic pressure to deal with the shadow, which shows up in struggles over sex, money, and power. The desire to control, dominate, and manipulate others comes from fear. Saturn will be in Scorpio until September 17, 2015, forcing us to confront our fears, heal old wounds, and fully comprehend the consequences of our actions. Saturn forms a mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn for the next three years, amplifying the cosmic directive for the responsible use of power and shared resources. The mythic Reaper and the Lord of the Underworld both say:  What goes around, comes around. You are responsible for your every thought, word, and deed. Live in complete integrity. Be a conscious creator.

Use the power of this full moon to see where you are still running on automatic, and where you need to slow down and get in touch with your deeper feelings, needs, and life purpose. Don’t wait for a crisis to force you to stop and pay attention to your body, heart, and soul. When conflict arises, ask: What need(s) am I trying to fulfill here? What need(s) is the other person trying to fulfill? What would be some healthier options? Feelings and needs are our emotional intelligence and spiritual GPS. Most of us living in modern western civilizations have been taught to ignore our feelings and needs, and have no training on how to communicate authentically. What we call communication is actually not communication at all; we’re evaluating, judging, diagnosing, advising, story-telling etc; not really hearing nor feeling heard. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) offers simple but powerful tools for honest self-expression and empathy -- how to connect with "what is alive in us" and listen with deep compassion -- tools that can change your life, your relationships, and the world. See the links below in the Resource section for information on NVC and remember: “A teacher of fear can’t bring peace on Earth. We have been trying to do it that way for thousands of years. The person who turns inner violence around, the person who finds peace inside and lives it, is the one who teaches what true peace is. We are waiting for just one teacher. You’re the one.” -- Byron Katie

Stephanie Austin

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