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Sunday, July 1, 2012

5 Days of Darkness

My new book 5 Days of Darkness will be released August 2012. I’m really very excited about this book, because I am branching out to a new genre Science Fiction/Fantasy that will still have a Metaphysical theme. The story is about an ordinary family whose lives are disrupted by the Brothers of Darkness. On the run for their lives they must rely on their autistic child, Charlie, with his special gifts to lead them through a quagmire of experiences to find the mysterious healer and leader of the Unity for Oneness Movement (UFO) Sophia, whom they believe is their only salvation. The family must choose between remaining in the ignorance of illusions or experiencing the painful truth of reality. 5 Days of Darkness is based on the eternal battle between the Children of Light and the Brotherhood of Darkness as they fight for the souls of the Children of men. 

In doing the research for 5 Days of Darkness I discovered many fascinating concepts, authors and leaders in the Human Consciousness Movement. Here are two links that will wet your appetite for 5 Days of Darkness.


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