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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Taking Charge of Your Health

An excerpt from Path to Truth: a Spiritual Memoir.

When we are faced with any challenge, instead of asking, “Why me, God?” we should ask, “What lesson is there for me to learn from this experience, God?” Challenges are really blessings in disguise, because they offer the soul a chance to work on spiritual lessons. Principle #10 – The soul resonates to those opportunities that will provide for its spiritual growth. On the physical plane, they come in the form of health issues, financial difficulties, poor relationships, work or career issues to name a few. Although I always refer to 1978 as the worst year of my life, it was also one of the best spiritual years for my soul’s development. Those traumatic experiences in my life, such as the death of my young brother and the divorce from my husband, had hidden within them precious spiritual opportunities for my soul’s development and healing. How could the death of a loved one and a divorce from a spouse of many years be considered precious spiritual opportunities? We will always experience life crisis as long as we are embodied on the physical plane of limitation and duality. It is how we handle the crises that determine our growth. No matter how hard we try, we cannot escape life’s lessons.
The opportunity for growth does not negate the emotional stages that we go through as humans, when we experience problems in our lives. We grieve and we experience anger and depression. It is often during these stages of grief and sadness that self-realization is often found. When we go within to higher consciousness to seek the truth of the condition and we find the answer, then we understand the lesson. On the spiritual plane, the soul is always striving for purification. It makes choices that give it the opportunity to purify itself. The choices, whether positive or negative, follow the spiritual laws whether or not we are aware of them. When life seems chaotic and out of control, most likely the person is not aware of the spiritual laws or is not abiding by them. We are able to use free will to select our thoughts to create the experience that will either hinder or promote our soul’s growth. Until that purity is reached, the soul continues on the cycle of reincarnation and karma, returning to the school of life—the physical plane.
If we do not take the time to learn the lesson in the present incarnation, when we reincarnate we will face the same lesson again. Dr. Brain Weiss, a psychiatrist and author of Through Time into Healing, tells us how past life therapy through hypnosis has been instrumental in identifying spiritual lessons from previous lives that have manifested in the current incarnation. The patient is able to work through the lesson and a healing takes place in the body and mind.
A major life lesson that we all have experienced in one of our many incarnations is an illness or disease in the physical body caused by an imbalance of energy. As mentioned previously, the physical body is the vehicle the soul uses to inhabit the physical plane. The physical body is one of the main sources to demonstrate how the spiritual laws work. Poor health is the result of an equivalent negative mental and emotional energy thought in the mind. The law does not discriminate; it carries out its function whether the thoughts are positive or negative. Ernest Holmes in Science of Mind describes disease as “….an impersonal thought force operating through people which does not belong to them at all. While in every case disease is an effect and must first have a subjective cause, nine times out of ten it is not conscious in the thought of the person who has it. Man is fundamentally perfect.” When he states that man is fundamentally perfect, he is referring to man’s spiritual image and it is man’s thoughts that in most cases he is not aware of that produce the condition.
Principle #11 – Illness or imbalance in the energy system (body, mind and spirit) is caused by a mental thought and given power to materialize by the emotions attached to it. All of those thoughts of negativity and emotions such as fear, anger, hate, resentment, criticism and frustration that we constantly think or feel affect our health. So, when we are angry with someone, we are only hurting ourselves. Those angry thoughts stay with us and become diseased. Thoughts are like seeds that we plant that eventually develop, and because life is a circle they come back to us based on the Law of Reciprocity. Once a pattern of thought is created in mind, that pattern becomes a part of the cellular structure of the body. In each new lifetime, the soul brings with it patterns of thoughts that take refuge in the cellular structure of the body. The body, just like the mind, has an awareness of belief patterns. When you try to accomplish something that goes against the belief pattern, it will not work.
The ancient Greeks believed that the God Apollo would punish people with illness whenever they angered him. This belief, that there is a God in the sky playing games with our health and imprisoning our bodies with diseases, is still believed by millions of people today. The most important concept you can learn about any challenge that you experience is that you create it with your thoughts and therefore you must take responsibility for it. There is no God in the sky playing Russian roulette with your life. You are responsible for your total well-being. The second most important concept is that no one can give you a disease, you cannot inherit a disease, nor can you catch anything without it already being a part of your consciousness. Everything operates according to the spiritual laws. For example, when you put all your energy into thinking and focusing on the negative aspects of the disease, you are only creating through the Law of Mind and attracting through the Law of Attraction more negative energy to you. You can’t plant seeds for apples and get oranges. Therefore, we have to be aware of the thoughts that we are choosing because they determine our circumstances in life.
You have choices concerning your health. You can accept, claim, and affirm that you are ill or have a disease, or you can tap into the universal energy and apply the spiritual laws to heal any imbalance of energy you may be experiencing. Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of the Unity School of Christianity, is known for her miraculous cure from tuberculosis using the divine laws. She changed a belief that her illness was inherited to the belief that she was a child of God and could not inherit sickness. You can invoke a healing too, when you work with the divine laws and principles. 

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