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Monday, April 9, 2012

What Does Nephomancy Have To Do With Dr. King?

Nephomancy is the divination of studying clouds to depict any shapes or forms that have materialized by the fluffy white matter and what message they might hold. I’m sure most of us have looked up at the sky and thought we have seen a  formation of an angel, a person, an animal, a cross or flower, to name a few. Some even believe there is a hidden message that comes with seeing these forms.  Recently, I had my own Nephomancy experience. 
Last week my grandchildren were visiting me during spring break, and like many grandparents I had planned activities to keep them happy and busy.  One of the places we decided to visit was  the Martin Luther King, Jr, National Memorial located in Washington, D. C. What a beautiful day it was with plenty of tourists from all over the world admiring the magnificent memorial. I was proud of my granddaughters for knowing so much about King. They read each one of the quotes posted on the wall surrounding the memorial. It was a heartfelt experience to see them connect with the works of Dr. King.

We took several photos as mementos, and I quickly posted one on my Facebook page. Looking at the posted photo, I noticed in the photo that in the clouds surrounding the statue of Dr. King were several faces.  I stared at it for a very long time and decided that yes there were faces.My next thought was what does it mean? 

I remembered entering the memorial and feeling and sensing  a high vibratory energy.  I felt this same energy of well-being and oneness with everything in the Universe in Glastonbury (the Heart Chakra of the Universe) and in the crop circles in Wiltshire, UK. I intuit that the faces in the clouds confirm that the King memorial is special. Like the pyramids in Egypt, the sun shines on it at a certain angle, the water, trees and what Dr. King stood for –justice and equality-makes it  an energy vortex.  Further, the message is Dr. King was not alone in his struggles and neither are we as we continue to stand for Truth. I believe there is an even deeper message dealing with slavery and the forefathers of this country.

See if you can see the faces and let me know what you think by clicking on the comment box. Oh, there's an angel looking over his left shoulder. Can you see it? 

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