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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Who Let the Negative Energy Out?

As we move through the Great Shift in Consciousness there is an energy moving through the planet that is causing significant turmoil and global human anxiety. In a previous blog, I mentioned that the Hathors channeled by Tom Kenyon, stated, “Your planet is entering a critical transition state, characterized by a multiplicity of Chaotic Nodes.” These Chaotic Nodes are negative energy thought forms adhering to the Law of Chaos.

Metaphysically, the universal laws, chaos and balance are intertwined and govern the universe. The Course in Miracles describes the Laws of Chaos as:
(June 28, 1967)
The "laws of chaos" can be brought to light, though never understood. Chaotic laws are hardly meaningful, and therefore out of reason's sphere. Yet they appear to constitute an obstacle to reason and to truth. Let us, then, look upon them calmly, that we may look beyond them, understanding what they are, not what they would maintain. It is essential it be understood what they are for, because it is their purpose to make meaningless, and to attack the truth. Here are the laws that rule the world you made. And yet they govern nothing, and need not be broken; merely looked upon and gone beyond. 

The first chaotic law is that the truth is different for everyone. Like all these principles, this one maintains that each is separate, and has a different set of thoughts which sets him off from others. This principle evolves from the belief there is a hierarchy of illusions; some are more valuable, and therefore true. And each establishes this for himself, and MAKES it true by his attack on what another values. This is justified because the values differ, and those who hold them seem to be unlike, and therefore enemies.

For example, during this 2012 Republican campaign, there has been an increase in the amount of racial attacks against President Obama. These negative thought forms circulate in the Cosmos and those individuals or groups with the same thought pattern or vibrational level attract to them. They are like magnets pulling all the negative energy to them (Law of Attraction) and in some cases, they act on them through their speech, written word and/or action. 
Racial thought forms didn’t just start with slavery; they have been a part of the world since man looked at each other and said, “You look, sound, act and believe differently than I do.”  Humankind sees only the physical (body) and not the spiritual (soul). As souls we have no gender, race, age, or body. We all are the same.

Chaos will create incidents to restore balance. The incident involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is a tragedy. Trayvon lost his life and George’s life has been destroyed. These Chaotic Nodes will only get worst until we change our consciousness from hate to love and from exclusion to inclusion. Don’t think that the Chaotic Nodes can’t touch you individually or collectively. Months ago, I bet neither Trayvon nor George thought they would be the center of a racial battle. We have free will, but we are also instruments for Higher Will and can be used at anytime. Trayvon and George were called.
It’s time to wake up out of the illusions into Truth. We don’t have the luxury to sit by and do nothing. The Chaotic Nodes are here and not going anywhere until we wake up. As I study human consciousness, I get a sense this might be happening, hopefully sooner than later.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Family Has Walked in the Shoes of Trayvon Martin's Family

The death of Trayvon Martin brought up old painful memories for my family and me. We have walked in 
Trayvon’s family shoes. My young brother, Chuckie, was murdered at the young age of 19 in 1978. He was stabbed and shot only to become a cold case.  Chuckie was a sophomore at Morgan State College ((Morgan State University) majoring in psychology.  One fall evening, he had gone to visit his girlfriend and never returned home. The young lady’s cousin found my brother’s body behind a fast food restaurant in Glenn Burnie, Md.  Chuckie was a loving son and brother. He was well-liked by the community and had a host of friends. To this day we don’t know what happened.  We have lots of suspicion that led nowhere because the police department didn’t pursue the case. He was just another black man.  Today, my family still has a fear of what could happen if you walk out of the door. My 87 year old mother worries obsessively about our whereabouts. We understand that one day she had a healthy loving son and the next day he was a body on a cold table in the medical examiner’s office.  And no one could tell her what happened. We can’t bring Chuckie back.  However, Trayvon Martin’s case has touched something in me that I’m going to see if Chuckie’s case can be re-opened.  I don’t know if we can get justice for Chuckie now, but I pray that we get justice for Trayvon Martin.  Please continue to use social media and other avenues to get the word out about Trayvon so that another black son, brother, father, or husband won’t be killed because of the color of his skin.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Backstreet Abortion and an Author Interview

The issue of women’s rights is a major topic during this presidential campaign. Your trilogy: Life is Never as It Seems, It’s Not Over Yet and Secrets Unraveled, all address this issue. Why did you decide to write a fiction book with women’s rights as a major theme? 
I’m a strong supporter of women’s rights and I have a daughter and two granddaughters. I want them to have all the rights and liberties they deserve as a person and a woman. The first book in the series Life is never as It Seems take place in the 60’s, a time of turmoil and change. The Women’s feminist movement started in 1961. In the late 60's, I was a freshmen in college. I know from firsthand experience how difficult it was for a woman to be recognized for her value in the home and society so, I decided to write about it. Through the eyes of the main character, Lindy Lee, the reader sees how women are treated, abused and denied their rights.  This is further demonstrated in Margaret Johnson’s story in Secrets Unraveled.  Margaret has to suppress and deny her dreams to be a pastor.  In the 60’s it was unheard of for a woman to be a pastor or even wear pants to church.  I choose to use fiction to show these hypocrites.  Hopefully, besides entertaining the reader, my books will enlighten them about social issues.
In Life is Never as It Seems a backstreet abortion takes place. It was frightening. Can you share your thoughts about this scene?
I wanted to show how unsafe backstreet abortions were and women should never be put in a position to have to return to them. It frightens me when I heard authority figures make ridiculous statements such as putting an aspirin between your legs or don't look at the ultra sound. There is the emotional component that you read about in Life is Never as It Seems where the young woman is pressured into having a backstreet abortion. The reader is able to live each step of the horrendous experience with the character. In the sequel, It’s Not Over Yet, you find out the consequences. This chapter gives a realistic view of what would happen if the law changed regarding contraceptives and abortions. I see it as a warning, don't go back there. 

In all three books, you have several strong women characters, giving character sketches of each, but then there is Margaret’s grandmother in Secrets Unraveled who is emotionally and physically abusive to her. Can you tell us more about this character?  I received lots of fan mail about Grandma Hattie. Readers were upset with her treatment of Margaret. However, she served a strong purpose of showing why Margaret acted the way she did.  You could say that Grandma Hattie was part of the root cause of Margaret’s misery. Nevertheless, Grandma Hattie has a story too and most abuse is generational. There are women who don’t support women’s rights because they have been brainwashed.  Grandma Hattie is one of these women. In Secrets Unraveled the reader gets to see both the strong and weak sides of feminism and how is influenced Margaret. Personally, I was very fortunate to know both my maternal and paternal grandmothers and to had a close loving relationship with both. For the book, I had to do research into the psychological aspects of someone being raised by an abusive person. 

Will you write about Grandma Hattie’s story or any of the other women in the trilogy such as Betty Goldstein, the civil rights attorney and minister, Cissy the Booster or Diane, the other woman?

 Perhaps in the future, right, right  now I have started a new science fiction series and young adult series.

Life is Never as It Seems

It's Not Over Yet

Secrets Unraveled

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Honor of Women's History Month- Re-posting My Heroine Harriet Tubman

February  is dedicated to honoring African Americans for their outstanding contributions to the world. My favorite heroine is Harriet Tubman, whom I believed had a very special intuitive gift.

Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in 1819 or 1820, in Dorchester Country, Maryland. Raised under harsh living conditions, Harriet learned early in life to be strong and believe in herself, so much so, she escaped from slavery to freedom in Canada. Harriet’s love for her family and others still held in slavery resulted in her returning to Maryland to lead over 300 people to freedom by the Under Ground Railroad.

Tales of her exploits leading able-body men, women, and children through perilous surroundings without losing one person are highly publicized. One may wonder how Harriet could outwit the patrols or slave hunters and their dogs that searched the woods and roads for runaway slaves. In many of the historical texts, Harriet is described as devoid of personal fear, shrewd, determined and courageous, all great qualities that aided her. However, little is mentioned revealing her special gift. A gift I believe helped Harriet to successfully accomplish her escapes to freedom not one time but many times.

As a child Harriet was hit in the head by a white overseer for refusing to tie up another slave who had attempted to escape slavery.  Due to this childhood injury, Harriet suffered Narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder. Harriet would fall asleep at any time and anywhere. Yet she and the other slaves were never apprehended or harmed while escaping to freedom. Harriet would actually threaten anyone with a gun who tried to return to slavery because of fear of the unknown.  I believe that Harriet had an unwavering faith in a Higher Power to take care of her and the others. When she felt into a sleep slumber, I imagine that Harriet listened to God who was her guide. Not only did she listen, she trusted the directions God gave her to overcome all obstacles in her path to freedom.

After her role as a champion for freedom, she served as a soldier, spy and nurse during the Civil War. Harriet a woman of no education and limited resources had a resounding fortitude of strength and the love of life and freedom--the qualities that really count. Who is your heroine or hero? 


Monday, March 5, 2012

The Game Is On-Female and Male Power Struggle

For months I have been writing and speaking about the great shift in human consciousness and giving examples of how it is emerging. Another important issue that has surfaced for humanity to deal with in order to make that great leap in consciousness is acknowledging and taking action to balance the male and female principle that has come imbalanced throughout the ages. At one time the female and male energies were equal. However, due to a shift in consciousness that happens approximately every 25,000 years,-precession of the equinoxes- an imbalance was created. Both female and male energy wanted to experience being the dominant energy.

I can’t say that the female energy was the first to dominate the planet because we don’t have that history. However, there is much about the Goddess myths of females dominating the planet. They were revered for their intuition, creativity and nurturing. As souls became more enmeshed into the materialism of the planet they forgot about the divine pact that was made at a higher level to experience power. 

As time passed, men became envious of women because they could give birth and were considered divine. Many called it the “womb envy.” Joseph Campbell in an interview with Bill Moyers said, “The human woman gives birth just as the earth gives birth to the woman magic and earth magic are the same. They are related. And the personification of the energy that gives birth to forms and nourishes forms is properly female. It is in the agricultural world of ancient Mesopotamia Egyptian Nile and in the earlier planting-culture systems that the Goddess is the dominant mythic form.” 

Two thousand years ago when another great cycle of 25,000 years took place, the consciousness of logic, aggression and control moved through the universe, with men taking over the domination the world. The reverse happened; women were now subservient to men. The Roman Catholic Church rose up against woman and defiled them.  Mary Magdalene was called a harlot and slut, terms we know that have been hurled at women for decades. The real story of Mary Magdalene’s life is found in the Gospel of Mary, an apocryphal book that is not Canonical or even considered a gospel by some scholars. Of course, these scholars were men.  One of my favorite books is the Red Tent by Anita Diament. Although it is a fictional tale, the stories of the daily life of Biblical women come alive with truth.

December 21, 2012 is the end of another 25,000 cycle and a new consciousness is coming in. Many souls have reincarnated at this time to play a major role in waking up humanity. Both Sandra Fluke, the young Georgetown Law student and Rush Limbaugh, the radio personality, are major players in this shift. I think of them as pawns on a chess board in the biggest game of all-Life.  

Sandra Fluke testified before a House Democratic panel in support of the HHS contraception mandate-  Because of her testimony, she was belittled and ridiculed my some members of the Press, especially, Rush Limbaugh who used such terms as “slut” and “prostitute” to demean her as a woman and her credibility. Does this sound familiar? The imbalance of male and female energy is now on the table and the game is on. It’s not going away. 

More and more incidents regarding women’s rights will surface until humanity changes its collective consciousness. The shifting back and forth of male or female domination is part of a spiritual evolution process. I believe that since both energies have experienced power over each other the consciousness will shift back to balance in the coming cycle.