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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Newt Gingrich's Numerology Chart Tells It All

   5   6 /11/2        5  611/2      9     9 18/9      =13/4 (Soul Path)
  Newton             Leroy         Gingrich
   5 5 2  5          3  9 7        7  5793 8            =12/3 (Personality Path)
    17/8               19/1          39/12/3
   555265            35967      79579938   
   28/1                 30/3       57/12/                  =7 (Destiny Path)

  June 17 1943 =22/4 (Birth Path)

Who is Newton Leroy Gingrich and why does some of his fellow Republicans think he is a “loose cannon?”  Looking at Newt’s birth numbers, I discovered that Mitt Romney and he share the same personality number 12/3. Newt is known for his great communication skills; however, he tends to say anything that pops in his head. 3’s tend to get scattered and have to be careful of their verbiage. Additionally, those who are born with a 3 prominent on their birth chart have to also be careful getting involved with gossip, manipulating others with negative word or just being negative. The attack Newt is receiving from Mitt Romney is the Law of Reciprocity in play. Newt is only getting back from what he has given out in past situations. That’s how the Law of Reciprocity works. 

Newt has the Karmic debt 13/4 on this soul’s path. Many believe that Karmic is the belief that you reap what you sow or the universal Law of Cause and Effect. What you have done in other lifetimes will definitely catch up with you in another lifetime. For those who aren’t familiar with the terms soul path, Karma, Law of Cause and Effect and reincarnation, I recommend you download my free eBook, Path to Truth: a spiritual guide to Higher Consciousness to get a fuller explanation of those terms. (  

The 13/4 on his path shows that Newt will face many tests dealing with discipline, personal and work ethics and integrity. He needs to stop taking short cuts in life and learn to stay steady, consistent and focus-a big task for him. 

On his birth path he has the Master Number 22/4, called the Master Builder. Those with this Master Number on their charts have the ability to tap into higher consciousness for creative ideas and manifest them in the material world. This works well for Newt until he gets scattered or egotistical then it all falls apart. 

The 7 vibration placed on his destiny path reinforce the need for him to be in tune to his spiritual gifts and work for the betterment of humanity. He is here to build a better world not tear it down. At the present time, Newt is ending a cycle and on his birthday a new one will start. The reason he is having trouble in the GOP race is because he doesn’t want it as much as Mitt. Newt loves the limelight and just wants to walk into the job and that won’t work. He has to work for it.   

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