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Sunday, November 13, 2011

14 Purvian Shamans Murdered

In 2003, I had the opportunity to travel to Peru with a group of 72 people, the Children of Light, to visit sacred sites and participate in special ceremonies with several Peruvian Shamans (curanderos). It was quite an experience and one I will never forget. I was shocked when recently it was brought to my attention that fourteen Peruvian shamans in a remote Amazon region were allegedly murdered by the orders of a local mayor.  He ordered the killings because they were going to form an association. Their belief system and shamanic healing went against his evangelical Christian beliefs.

When you read this article about the deaths of the 14 shamans, you will think you have been transported back to time of witch hunts or even further back to the slaughter of pagans by the Romans. This article speaks to my spirit. I know from personal experience the negative reaction of people when I would tell them I am a numerologist and tarot card reader or that I attend a New Thought Church. 

In ancient times, mystery schools were established to protect esoteric teachings because they were desecrated, and teachers were killed. Silence developed among those who practiced and believed in Metaphysics. Students of Truth were afraid to speak their truth. When Shirley McLaine’s first book, Out on a Limb, was published in 1986; she became the laughing stock of late night T.V. A lot has changed since Shirley McLaine came out of the closet with her book; but we still have a long way to go.

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