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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11.29,11 What's In My Life Testing Me?

Numbers are the very foundation of our lives. They are spiritual tools to help us to wake up and live more satisfying lives. 11.29.11 doesn’t get as much attention as 11.11.11, but it is just as powerful as the later. Both dates add up to the Master number 33 of compassion and sacrifice. However, the vibration 29 gives today a slightly different meaning. 29 is a testing vibration. Today have your eyes wide open in your decision-making. For example, many of our systems such as the banks, food and, pharmaceutical industries do not give us the true facts. It’s about money. Therefore, it is up to each individual to discover the truth about how she or he interacts with money, medicine and food. Look for the hidden information. Why continue to eat chicken that’s full of cholesterol and fat if you have high cholesterol? Medicine might lower your numbers, but it will not cure heart disease. Then you get hooked into the insurance industry, gradually eating away your money as you continue to eat chicken. Don’t blame the industries; take charge of your life. The energy of today helps you become aware and mindful of the negative forces such as societal pressures or being a slave to your taste buds. Take time today to ask yourself, “What's in my life  testing me?”

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