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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11.11.11. A Day of Potent Potentials

In the Metaphysical world the date 11.11.11 is a big thing. There are many blogs and articles floating in cyberspace about the significance of the date, from spiritual awakenings to portal openings. As a numerologist, I believe that numbers talk. They give the past, present and future blueprint of any event involving numbers.  Pythagoras, the Father of Mathematics and Numerology, stated, “Numbers are the building blocks of the Universe.” 

Let’s look at 11.11.11 from a numerical perspective and see why this date is called the Awakener of the Light.

According to Greek Mythology, the historical Ages of man are divided into 5 time-spans: the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, the Heroic Age and the Iron Age. The Iron Age, our present Age, represents a time in human history of wars, violence, destruction,and human misery.The Hindu system calls these Ages-Yuga and a Yuga can last for hundreds of thousands of years. The Iron Age is synonymous with the Kali Yuga.

Within each Age are astrological ages, depicting the development of human consciousness. An astrological age is calculated by the time it takes for the Vernal Equinox to move from one constellation of the zodiac into the next, lasting about two thousand years. 11.11.11 is an important date as we shift  from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius

Hidden within this date are the Master numbers 11, 22 and 33. Each one represents a different level of consciousness evolution.  L.Dow Balliet, known for originating Western numerology, characterizes the first three Master numbers 11, 22, 33 as potent potential. 11.11.11. is a date that offers potent potential for humankind to awaken to the Light or Higher Consciousness.

11 is the first Master number and is symbolic of a soul’s journey into Higher Consciousness. It is the challenger, giving the soul the lessons he or she needs to move up the spiritual hierarchy. Looking closely at the number, it can be counted as 2, meaning the soul can choose unity or conflict. The 11 also looks like a doorway or portal. The soul must go through this doorway to reach the next level of mastery, the 22.

By adding 11 and 11 the result is 22, the second level of journey into Higher Consciousness. At this level the soul is called a Master Builder, being able to  access light energy to create instant manifestations-small or large. The third-eye of the soul is activated, increasing telepathic and intuitive experiences..

The 11:11 often pops up on timing mechanisms, T.V. license plates, and etc., when we least expect it as a wake-up call to remind us who we really are and our inherent powers. Jesus said we will be able to do greater things than him.  
11 +11+11=33, this Master number calls for altruism-selflessness. Reaching this stage, the soul focuses on the love and care of others. The soul has worked many lifetimes overcoming the challenges of the lower vibrations of human consciousness such as fear, attachment, and judgement. Once the soul masters the Hermetic Laws, he can exist on this plane to be a living  demonstration of how light absorbs darkness. By the way, the word light adds up to an 29/11, and so does the name Jesus.

The date 11.11.11 marks the establishment of a Light Foundation on Earth.

11                                                    22                                           

How we experience this date depends on the evolution of our own individual soul consciousness. Some will be asleep and not know or notice anything special that day. Others who are aware and awake will sense and feel a shift in their own individual consciousness on one of the three steps of the pyramid. Then there are  souls or entities already vibrating in 5Th Dimension energy. They are not saints or sagas, but they know who they are, know the laws of the Universe and live and abide by them. They are the Children of Light here to help others who choose the Path of Light to raise their vibrations. How do you recognize them? By their light; it’s forever shining brightly, full of compassion and love.  

Many ask me what they should do that day. Listen to your heart and follow your soul urges. Remember it is a day full of potent potentials.

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