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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement Part of the Divine Plan of Humanity

According to the news media, the Occupy Wall Street movement celebrates its one-month anniversary today and raised $300,000 in donations. Once thought of as a fleeing movement in time is now being embraced world-wide and is the top news of the day. Many see the Occupy Wall Street movement as similar to the demonstrations against the Vietnam War in 1968, but social media have made this movement global. And not only is it global, it is part of the Great Shift in Consciousness.

Approximately every 2000 years when the Great or Platonic Year comes to end, the Earth’s plane goes through some sort of vibratory shift into a higher consciousness. As the Earth prepares to make this sift, the vibratory energy also affects humanity. We will experience life changing events whether it may be in the form of weather problems, natural disasters, or movements such as Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street.  

The Occupy Wall Street movement is about awareness and change. 99% of the population is now awake! They are the Awakeners while !% is still asleep in old dogma of control and power. The 1% will do everything in their power to taunt, demonize, and demoralize the 99% to create confusion and disperse the movement.  The Spirit of the 99% is rooted in justice and truth not fear. What the Sleepers fail to realize is that this movement is not just any movement but an evolutionary one. It is part of the great Divine Plan of Humanity.

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