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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hollywood and New Supernatural Shows

Have you noticed that the number of T.V. shows dealing with spirituality, paranormal or supernatural has increased? One of my favorite is the Gifted Man, in which Dr. Michael Holt, a Neurosurgeon, played by actor Patrick Wilson, is haunted by his deceased ex-wife to become a more compassionate person by helping out at her free clinic. Dr. Holt’s nemesis is Anton Little Creek, a shaman portrayed by Pablo Schreiber. The tension between Dr. Holt and Anton is about logic versus intuition and that’s what makes this show so interesting. When we see Dr. Holt balance his logic and intuition miracles happen. Check it out.

I also like the new crime drama Unforgettable. In this T.V. drama, Poppy Montgomery plays a detective with an infallible memory. This is a rare but real disorder called Marilu Henner’s disease. The dramatization of how she remembers a fact or event is quite believable. She is able to replay an event in her mind noticing everything that happened. 

I don’t know if these shows will last, but the mere fact that life after death  and Marilu Henner’s disease are main themes of major Networks’ shows is a step in the right direction of conscious awareness. 

Then there is the CW.TV station that has a mix bag of everything. I’m not into ghosts and don’t watch those shows. However, I did discover something very interesting-Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). For those who aren’t familiar with EVP it is digital recordings in varying degrees of quality of inter-dimensional voices with words, phrases and sentences. This phenomenon has been investigated by the Association of Instrumental TransCommunication and the International Ghost Hunters Society. Now for the non-believers just let me say years ago, I heard voices that I believed were coming from the spiritual world. I was scared that I was losing it. However, my Saint Bernard dog saved my sanity. Every time I heard the voices he would bark.  He heard them too. The voices were difficult to comprehend and gradually stopped. Later, I learned this psychic ability is called clairaudience. 

I think we are going to learn more and more about these psychic or supernatural abilities and occurrences as we move closer to 2012. Hollywood is already leading the way.

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