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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Signs of the Time-is it because of 2012?

There is a lot of chatter in the metaphysical communities about the signs and symbols predating the coming of 2012.  I’m sure most of my readers know about the predictions the Mayan made about 2012, if not go to
2012 is the date some skeptics believe is the end times whereas, others see it as a time of transformation where the planet and all its living creatures are able to move into the Fifth Dimension. It’s only four months before 2012 and 16 months before the infamous date of December 21, 2012.  Many are looking for any signs that might give an indication of what that date holds.  Recently, I read a Planetary Message from the Hathors through Tom Kenyon. For those who aren’t familiar with his work, Tom Kenyon is  an author, psychotherapist, shaman, sound healer, songwriter, singer and channeler of the Hathor material. 

Who are the Hathors?  According to Tom Kenyon-- The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures. In the late 1980′s, I was “contacted” by them during meditation, and they began to instruct me in the vibratory nature of the cosmos, the use of sacred geometry as a means to stimulate brain performance, and in the use of sound to activate psycho-spiritual experiences

The latest message from the Hathors through Tom Kenyon answers the question about the current state of the planet. They say: Your planet is entering a critical transition state, characterized by a multiplicity of Chaotic Nodes. You can read the full text at and find out about these chaotic nodes.  

But the question is what do you believe. Share your response in the comment section. 

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