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Friday, September 9, 2011

9/11 a Tarot Interpretation

September 11, 2011 will mark the tenth anniversary of the horrific attack against the United States that destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, damaged the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and crashed Flight 93 in Pennsylvania causing mass death and destruction. It is a day that most people in the world will never forget. Many believe it is also the day that marks the downward spiral of the economic and emotional foundation of the country.

As I write this article I can’t help but think of the families who lost love ones. I not only share the 9/11 experience with them but the transition of my own son the same year. My heartfelt condolences continue to go out to all the families affected by the tragedy.

Let’s take a moment to look at the metaphysical significance of the 9/11 by examining four Tarot cards.

In the Tarot Deck of Cards, which is rich in symbols and spiritual insight, the 16th card of the Major Arcana is the Tower. When most people see this card in a reading, their faces turn to gloom as they imagine the worse. It looks ominous with dark grey and black colors.  The crowned top of a tower is struck by a thunderbolt on the right side and its crowned top falls to the left as two people are hurling toward the ground. In the surrounding sky are a number of items that could be debris, parts of the tower or rain drops. The Tower card represents a sudden turn in events or fortune in one’s life that appears from the outside to be disastrous. And that’s exactly what happened when the twin towers were destroyed suddenly by an outside force. We were in shock. But the Tower card also signifies that all is not lost.  When you add the 1+6, you get 7, the number representing the God Force, meaning the outcome of a disastrous event ends up being a positive force for change. In the ten years since 9/11 have we enacted positive change or have we taken a path of destruction?

In the Tarot Deck of cards, we see the twin towers or pillars in the High Priestess card (2), the Hierophant (5) and the Moon (18). The High Priestess sits between two towers with a crescent Moon at her feet. The Moon depicting the dark nights of the soul and the towers symbolizes the balance that is needed between the female and male principles to make our world work harmoniously. Presently, there is an imbalance in the yang and yin principles because of the obsessive seeking of power, money and sex. The number 2 on the High Priestess card signifies choices. The Hopi prophecy speaks of the two paths humankind can choose from—materialism or Higher Consciousness. 

On the Hierophant card (5), the pillars are grey also representing choice and wisdom. The number 5 on the card denotes change. Is this a message from the Universe telling us we have to bring about positive change?  In order to do exactly that we need to grief, forgive and move forward.  The Moon (18) is the card of illusions. It warns us that the hurt and fear that we have buried deep in our subconscious mind need to be healed.  The card that follows the Moon (18) is the Sun (19),- it’s time for Truth and Rebirth.

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