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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Science of Getting Rich

Due to the dire global economic conditions, I'm reposting this blog on the science of getting rich.  We all need reminders to keep us focus on seeing the glass running over with abundance.

When the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne hit the bestseller list little did the readers know that it was based on The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, a teacher of the New Thought Movement. If you are serious about building a prosperity consciousness, you’ll want to study Wattles’ book for an expanded version of not only the Law of Attraction but other principles and laws that show you how to manifest your desires. You can find free copies on the Net to download, if you don't want to purchase it.

Wattles' language is archaic, but move pass that and focus on the several principles he offers in the book. They ring true even in today’s chaotic economic times. Here’s a paraphrase version of the major principles of the book with my comments:

1. Man can form things with his thoughts.  
Your thoughts are energy forms and what you habitually focus on you create a form for it based on the Laws of the Universe. Most things are already in existence. What you are doing is letting the Universe know what you desire, and by putting your attention on it, you are then vibrating on the wavelength of that desire. The Law of Attraction will kick in.

2. Man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind. 
The Creator is always creative and never competitive in Spirit. The Universe is limitless. Worrying, watching, obsessing and criticizing what others have is misplaced energy; this type of thinking keeps your desires from manifesting. Stay focus on what you desire.

3. Acknowledge your blessings.
To build an empire you need to start at the base of the pyramid and work your way up. Create a Gratitude Book to build on your blessings. Every day take time to write out at least ten things you’re grateful for. Try doing this for forty days. Forty is the number for  manifestation. The Zero represents God and the four stands for foundation.

4. Form a clear and definite mental image of what you desire.
This should be number one on your list, because if you don’t know what you want neither does the universe. Set your intentions. The key words in this principle are clear and definite. May sure your mental thoughts and your emotional feelings are in alignment.

5. Contemplate frequently on your vision 
Get a clear mental picture of your desire and keep it continually in your mind. Don’t lose sight of it no matter what adversities you might face. Affirmations are good to keep you focus on your vision. Create them and post them around your house and office, if you can. In your Gratitude Notebook gives thanks for the manifestation of your dream as if it's already done. The Law of attraction will pull to you what you put your attention on.

6. You can only receive what you can perceive.
You may want to be a millionaire, but if you don’t have a consciousness for it, you won’t be able to achieve or maintain it. A great game to play is the money pyramid. Starting with a $100 you must spend all of it in one day. Add a zero to the 100 every day until you reach a million. Each day you must spend that amount of money. This game will teach you a lot about how you think about money and how you manage your money.

Building a prosperity consciousness  is not an overnight process. You have to work at it. I find that most people don’t stick to the plan to achieving their goals because they are stuck in old belief patterns. After a few days or weeks, they fall back into their original financial club. Challenge yourself for the next forty days to change your financial life. There are plenty of books and other aids to help you. If you really want to change then start with your consciousness. 

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