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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mercury Retrograde is Kicking my A**

Do you believe in Mercury retrograde?  This occurs when Mercury is appearing to move backward. Years ago I would dismiss it as if it was a New Age fade. Now I am hooked into its craziness, meaning that just about everything in my life has gone awry with no apparent reason, except for Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde has only been in effect for a week, and I’m definitely caught up in its energy.
Communications go skewed - phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, conversations are delayed, misinterpreted, blocked.  Recheck everything like appointment times, spelling, wording, and the spoken word. I had a few scheduling mix-ups, and I didn’t receive emails.

Expect the phone lines, cable lines, power lines to have problems. Both my land line phone and cell phone stopped working at the same time.

Avoid signing documents, contracts if possible. I did the unthinkable. I couldn’t wait until the 3 weeks when all of this would be over. I brought an iphone and signed a phone contract.

Be aware that your travel plans make go astray or anything dealing with transportation. The first of August, I had scheduled my car to be painted. The day I was scheduled to take it in, the check engine light came on. This is the same light that appeared during the first Mercury retrograde in April of this year. It was happening again. After a day of service, I went to the repair shop to pick up my car. I couldn’t drive off the lot because the car wouldn’t start. This is a car that has given me minimal problems. I had to get another rental. But there weren’t any left. I had to wait at least an hour for someone to return a car or for the rental company to bring a car from one of their other rental sites. Help, I called out to my angels. They responded. The mechanic returned and explained that a connector was loose. He fixed it, and I drove off the lot in my car.

I want to say it was a coincidence that it took three weeks for me to get my new prescription glasses and when I went to pick them up it took another 2 hours for the lenses to be ready, from a retailer that advertises one hour service. The only thing is I don’t believe in coincidences.

During a Mercury retrograde electronics and especially your computer may give you problems. So, back-up your computer files. I’m writing a new book. and I did this immediately. Could Mercury retrograde be the culprit behind writer’s block?
Looking back I realized that Mercury retrograde really didn’t mess up my life as much as helped me to get it in order. I needed a new phone and had been procrastinating for weeks. I was fortunate that the car broke down before the painting and the mechanic fixed the second problem while it was still on the lot. As for the glasses, while I waited I played with my new phone and read the manual, something I would have put off for later. A Mercury retrograde period is good for organizing, cleaning, and getting things fixed or repaired. I decided to use the rest of this time to put things in order, align my thoughts and energies, and trust the Universe.

Below are the dates for 2011 and an interesting blog about repatterning your energies for Mercury retrograde.

Retrograde Begins:         Mar 30 2011    24°Ar21′ R
Mercury Goes Direct:      Apr 23 2011    12°Ar54′ D

Retrograde Begins:        Aug 2 2011    01°Vi12′ R
Mercury Goes Direct:     Aug 26 2011    18°Le42′ D

Retrograde Begins:       Nov 24 2011    20°Sg06′ R
Mercury Goes Direct:     Dec 13 2011    03°Sg52′ D

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