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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Psychic Explorer and Agent for Higher Consciousness

Twice a year I get together with a friend to celebrate our birthdays. We share with each other all that has happened over the past six months. But something was different this time.  Sure we each had another birthday and chronologically we were older, but I could sense that our Spirits had climbed another rung on that spiritual ladder. We honestly could say we appreciated all the trials of life. The fear was gone and our faces reflected wisdom and joy. The next day as I rehashed in my mind our conversation, I pulled out the first book I wrote Path to Truth and read the first section that described the beginning of my spiritual journey. I had written, “The call (to write metaphysical/ spiritual book) kept coming and I had to answer. Nothing else matter.”  I still feel the same way; I’m still that psychic explorer and agent for Higher Consciousness. I love what I do.

Path to Truth: A Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness
An  Excerpt

In 1990 my purpose for writing The Path to Truth: A Spiritual  Guide to Higher Consciousness was to “get the word  out”  about  the  ancient  wisdom  and  especially  the spiritual laws of the universe. I wanted to spread the word about the ancient laws and how even  though they were considered  “ancient”,  they  were  just  as   powerful   and applicable to today’s ways of living.
My awareness of the spiritual laws started at the age of fifteen when I found a book on
reincarnation at the public library.  During the late fifties and early sixties, information on the spiritual laws was difficult to find, especially for a young girl growing up in Baltimore. It was not a subject one could freely talk about with other people. In those days, you were labeled crazy or possessed, if you were involved with metaphysics. At  fifteen  I  did  not  want  to  be considered weird or different, so I kept my thoughts and questions to  myself and prayed that one day I would find the  answers.  Little  did  I  know  that  there  were  Higher Forces working on my behalf to move me along my destiny path.
In my late twenties I began to have psychic experiences that manifested in the form of precognitive dreams, visions, and clairaudience. I also had my first experience in meeting.
One evening before falling asleep, I mentally asked my spirit  guide to help me solve a severe health problem I was experiencing. Later that night I awakened suddenly,  sat up in bed, and looked towards the dresser. There was a spirit surrounded by a golden light. The spirit appeared as a male dressed in an American Civil War coat with a sword at his side.  He was bending over as if he was writing something. Startled and frightened, I immediately turned on the light. Within seconds he faded away.
Later I realized that he was my spirit guide and that I had  nothing to be frightened of. He had materialized in response to my urgent call for help.  I had felt frightened because  my  consciousness  was  fear  based  and  was  not expanded enough for me to have a visual contact with my guide. However, after that experience my health improved immediately. I also noticed that my psychic abilities were keener, and I began to see beautiful colors or white lights mostly shaped in the form of small or medium sized balls that  popped  up  in  the  atmosphere around  me.  As time passed, I learned that these colors were angelic beings—my life protectors and guides.
My thirst for metaphysics/spirituality materials never ceased. I read, I studied and I had long conversations with my sister who loved metaphysics/spirituality as much as I did.       By the eighties, the acceptability        of metaphysics/spirituality had begun to change due  to  the New Age Movement.  But I felt that was missing. I was not connecting spiritually the way I wanted to. At the time, I had been doing psychic readings for my family and friends using tarot cards and numerology. I was comfortable doing the readings because they  understood that  the  readings  were  based  on  spiritual  principles  and were not part of a psychic fad. But then I started to get an urge to do readings for others. I believed that my guides  were  showing  me  a  wonderful  way  to  introduce people to spiritual  laws. And it worked! I learned that it was not enough to read and study spirituality. One had to share  the  knowledge  to  help  raise  the  consciousness  of others.
As my life path took many twists and turns, I found myself  having  that  old  feeling  that  something  was  still missing in my spiritual pursuits. There were more lessons to learn. I now could not shake the urge to fulfill an old dream to become a writer. It was as if I was being pushed not from someone or something outside of myself, but from within. The thought of writing would not leave me alone. The constant badgering of thoughts is always an indication to me that my Higher Self or my spirit guides are trying to get my attention to alert me to choose a particular path, if I so desire. The urge to write was not only compelling, but also I had a burning desire to write about spirituality.
There was  a  litany  of  reasons  why  I  thought  that  I should not pursue this path, such as being a single mom and raising a teenage  daughter and a son born with multiple disabilities. I also worked full-time as a top executive for a government agency. My plate was full.
     Additionally, even though I was pretty well versed on metaphysics and spirituality having studied many of the different disciplines— Theosophy,  Rosicrucians,  Eastern philosophies, the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the Kabala, the Religious Sciences, and others—for the last twenty-years, I did  not consider  myself  an   authority  on  these  topics. Besides, I told myself it was difficult to get a book on this topic published. But the “call” kept coming and I realized that I had to answer. Nothing else mattered.

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