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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Way of the Warrior

This week I would like to thank Lynn for sharing this wonderful video, The Way of the Warrior, by John Cali. John is a writer who communicates with spirit guides. You can sign up for his free newsletter at and connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

As I listened to John’s video I thought about an experience I recently had involving my parents. My 86 year old dad was hospitalized with pneumonia and my 85 year old mother is in the first steps of dementia. For the last ten years, I have been responding to emergency calls from them that always seemed to interrupt my planned life. As a dutiful daughter, I would give up my plans to make sure their needs were met, while inwardly I felt terrible. Within me was a furious battle, the spiritual warrior wanted to go on to the next worldly adventure and the spiritual teacher in me whispered,  " Walk the path of compassion.”

I wondered how I could either move to the center or bridge the two parts of me that called for me to be both a warrior and a teacher. Through mindfulness meditation, I realized that the adventure was right before me, giving me many opportunities to practice my spirituality. I paused and looked at the path of aging. Longevity is something we all want, but with it comes new and different experiences. I realized that my parents were trying hard to hold on to the life they knew: 50 years of living in the same house, attending the same church, voting at the same school, working in the same garden, and shopping at the same stores. But the world around them had changed, and the most devastating experience for them  was seeing many of their family members and friends make their transition. We talked about death and I felt their fear. The battle within me faded as I listened to their stories and tried to walk in their shoes. Our roles have reversed. I’m now the parent, caring and nurturing them. They are willingly working with me as we try to find the appropriate care for them to live a quality life.

And for me, I’m where I’m suppose to be. As John Cali says, “The Warrior totally trusts in - and surrenders to - the flow of her life. She knows all is as it should be. Therefore, she must always completely trust in - and surrender to - her Higher Self, her Soul, the Great Spirit.” And as I do this, the spiritual teacher in me rises to the occasion.

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