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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gemini New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Dear Readers, I would like to share the following astrological information about Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse by Stephanie Austin, M.A. Stephanie has been a professional astrologer since 1986, specializing in life purpose, career, and relationship readings. She writes the New and Full Moon column for the Mountain Astrologer Magazine and also teaches astrology for personal and professional development. Her background includes a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a master's in Consciousness Studies, and a lifelong involvement with meditation, Nature, and healing. For more information on her astrology readings, classes, and forecasts, please visit
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Important dates:
June 1: New Moon/Solar Eclipse 11º Gemini 2:03 PM PDT
June 3: Neptune turns retrograde 1º Pisces
June 4: Jupiter enters Taurus 
June 7 to June 24: Mayan 3rd Night (articles at and
June 8: Chiron turns retrograde 6º Pisces
June 12: Saturn direct 10º Libra

May 31, 2011
Dear Friends,

Fasten your spiritual seatbelt and prepare for warp drive. Within the next few weeks, three extremely powerful eclipses occur and four celestial bodies change direction, amplified by the June 21 solstice, signaling a period of greatly accelerated change. Eclipses mark important turning points, an opportunity to complete a major life lesson and graduate to the next level; retrograde phases pressure us to release what is blocking us from moving forward, and solstices augment the evolutionary opportunities currently available. In addition, solar activity is increasing; solar flares generate geomagnetic storms, which affect the Earth and all its inhabitants. All this provides tremendous tailwinds for transformation. 
From Archangel Metatron channeled via James Tyberonn: "June of 2011 will begin a 30-day period that will offer important shift completions and change to the Earth and indeed mankind. This period completes many of the movements that in truth began months earlier. The release of 'old-energy' scenarios, situations and relationships that no longer are in resonance with the New Earth will occur in macro and micro, globally and individually." (The full message is available at:

The word “eclipse” stems from the Greek verbs ecleipo (“to cease existing”) and calypse (“to cover”). Eclipses occur in relationship to the Lunar Nodes, the points in space where the Moon crosses the ecliptic (the path of the Earth around the Sun). The Nodal symbol comes from an ancient tool designed for cutting the umbilical cord; Sumerian myth describes the Mother Goddess Mamu using it to cut humanity’s link with eternity, symbolizing our descent from the cosmic womb into temporal time. The North Node, where the Moon crosses the ecliptic as it climbs upwards in the sky, points towards the future, that which challenges us to evolve into greater consciousness and connection; the South Node, where the Moon crosses the ecliptic as it descends, indicates the past, which includes the strengths we have developed as well as our most deeply entrenched patterns and beliefs. 
Light encodes information. The Sun’s eclipse by the Moon interrupts the normal flow of solar radiation, destabilizing existing configurations of energy and reorganizing consciousness to a higher level. The amplified pull of the Sun and Moon strongly affects the electromagnetic flow in our bodies, altering neural pathways and trigger points. As the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, the energetic grids supporting creation shift; new archetypes become available and higher dimensions more accessible. With the Sun, Moon, and South Node in Gemini, this extra powerful new moon/solar eclipse induces new channels of perception and new points of reference. Consciousness is like a camera, focusing and defining what is within its current field of awareness. What we see depends on where we stand. The Sun, Moon, and South Node in Gemini remind us that our beliefs and biases frame our reality, and that when we change our perspective, our experience of life changes as well. From Arcturian channel Suzan Caroll at"It is correct to say that thinking and feeling creates the reality that you are observing. When you can raise the frequency of your thinking and feeling, which is done by determining to perceive reality through the lens of love, you will change your reality." 
Ceres, formerly classified as an asteroid and upgraded to dwarf planet status in 2006, closely squares the North Node in Sagittarius and the South Node in Gemini, highlighting another vital and ongoing cosmic message. Named for the Roman goddess of grain, Ceres' origins date back to the Neolithic Great Goddess, the giver of life. In Pisces, Ceres helps us to feel our connection with all of creation; her tight square to the nodal axis represents an imperative for sweeping changes in how we deal with food, the feminine, and Mother Nature. What are you hungering for? What are your feelings and body telling you? What do you receive from Nature? What do you give back?
Saturn, another ancient figure associated with the Mother Nature, is in Libra, closely trine this eclipse; Saturnian pragmatism and the necessity for equal, mutually beneficial partnerships is doubled by its approaching change in direction. Whenever a planet turns retrograde or direct, it appears to slow down and 'hover', strongly focalizing its energy and the energy of the sign it is transiting. June 12, Saturn turns direct at 10°27’ Libra, indicating that it's time for heart to heart talks. Since Saturn stationed retrograde on January 25 at 17°14’ Libra, deeper relationship issues have come to the fore -- where we need to take full responsibility for our choices and let go of guilt, blame, and projections of all kinds. What are your relationships mirroring to you? Are you relating from love or fear? What do you need to do to integrate your inner masculine and feminine? If you missed the May 23 - 27 the Conscious Partnering Tele-Conference, you can download the recordings for free at: and helpful spiritual partnership guidelines at
This is also a time of direct, spiritual "downloads", where our inner guidance and creativity are more easily accessed. On June 3, Neptune, the archetype of timelessness and multidimensional consciousness, begins its annual five-month retrograde phase at 0°56’ Pisces, dissolving constructs which prevent us from recognizing our inherent divinity and interconnectedness with all of creation. As Neptune stations on June 3, it also squares Mercury, further fogging our logical left-brain as it increases our intuition and sensitivity; because of its retrograde motion, Neptune lingers at the first degree of Pisces from April 4 to August 4, extending the invitation to open our hearts and experience the wonders of subtle realities, the healing power of unconditional love, and the beauty of unity in diversity. To receive spiritual support and insight, meditate, do art, listen to inspiring music, walk on the beach or in the woods -- whatever puts you in a quiet, receptive state. Beware of spacing-out; that usually means we need to turn our focus more inward, towards more being and less doing. Neptune and Pisces remind us that, because everything is connected, our state of consciousness ripples out and makes a difference in the world. 
Chiron is also currently in Pisces, widening our access to metaphysical dimensions and broadening unified social movements. As relatively new addition to astrology (1977), Chiron is said to be a galactic visitor to our solar system, a comet trapped in orbit between Saturn and Uranus. Representing a bridge between the physical and metaphysical realms, Chiron begins its five-month-long retrograde on June 8 at 5°29’ Pisces, facilitating the release of trauma and programming that have held us in fear and separation. In mythology, Chiron is the Wounded Healer, depicted as a centaur, a creature both mortal and divine, both human and beast. Chiron reminds us that there is no separation between physical and spiritual, between humanity and the rest of creation, and as we help another, we help ourselves. Chiron teaches that while we learn through pain, we heal through love. (Neptune stations direct on November 9 at 28°08’ Aquarius; Chiron stations direct on November 10 at 0°38’ Pisces.) 
On June 4, Jupiter begins its once-every-twelve-years passage through Taurus, where it remains until June 11, 2012, increasing desires for pleasure and peace, beauty and security. (The last time Jupiter transited Taurus was June 28, 1999 to October 22, 1999 and February 14, 2000 to June 30, 2000). In mythology, Jupiter is the king of the heavens; in astrology, the largest planet in our solar system is associated with expansion, comprehension, and conviction. Jupiter urges us to question and transcend the bounds of our parental, religious, and societal enculturation. In Taurus, Jupiter expands our concern with beauty, stability, and sustainability; it also asks us to determine what is most valuable and worthy of our time, energy, and resources. Wealth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. What makes you feel rich? What opens your heart and satisfies your soul? The star Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull in the constellation of Taurus, is at 9°47’ Gemini, close to the degree of this eclipse. One of the four royal stars of Persia, Aldebaran, the Watcher of the East, is associated with the Archangel Michael; it is also known as the Buddha’s Star and God’s Eye. According to Shamanic astrology, Aldebaran is a portal to the mysteries of the mind and, when balanced with the energies of the star Antares at 9°46’ Sagittarius, a gateway to the mysteries of the heart.
Jennifer Hoffman ( beautifully summarizes the extraordinary challenges and opportunities of these times: "We can be our pain or our power, our truth or in denial. We can try to fight the darkness or remember that it also has a place in the grand scheme of ascension. The beautiful stars we see in the night sky still shine in the daytime, we just can't see them because of the light of the sun. What beauty lies within our darkness that the light can reveal? We are spiritual warriors but our weapon is not the sword, it is our truth, our faith, our knowing and our commitment to the light. What can you transform in your life to be more powerful? What can you transform within yourself to release your fears? June will bring opportunities to express your truth and when you take them, you allow the light to be your sword that will reveal your path through the darkness and into a higher and greater truth." 

Stephanie Austin
* Permission to reprint granted by Stephanie Austin. Please contact Stephanie if you would like to share this article. 

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