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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tornadoes, Prayers and Mind Power

We pray for good health, wealth and love. Why can’t we pray for good weather regardless of the season, time or event? Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Hidden Messages in Water, describes how positive or negative words and intentions can affect water crystals. This same principle applies to the weather. When we think of tornadoes, we immediately visualize negative images; therefore, we get destructive results.
Looking closer at the energy of tornadoes, it vibrates on the path of the Master number 33.  The 33 is the Master Teacher. What's the lesson we must learn from tornadoes? I believe it is about prayer and mind power. To stop the destructive pattern of tornadoes, we need to align our thoughts with the Law of Nature and set our intentions for harmony with Nature. Jesus demonstrated this very principle when He stopped the storm and calmed the waves and the wind. Luke 8:22-25. Faith and prayers are needed NOW!
I have friends in Florida that pray every time they are cognizant that a hurricane might touchdown in Florida. They visualize the hurricane going back out to sea. According to their unofficial statistics, prayer works. They have a strong belief that prayer can change energy patterns. From my own experience of mind power and energy, I know it works.
For instance, this is a simplistic thing you can do. If you’re driving and need a parking space in a busy section of town, declare ‘Divine Order’ before setting out. I guarantee that you’ll find the perfect parking space every time. I have been doing this for years. I never worry about parking and neither will you. It’s time for us to declare ‘Divine Order’ for the right weather. We are powerful beings and need to start using our God given gifts. Here's a prayer to set the right intentions to work with Mother Nature. 
Mother Divine teach me to understand the Laws of Nature.
Mother Divine teach me to live in harmony with the inner and outer Laws of Nature.
Mother Divine teach me to see beyond appearance so that I can teach others to see the beauty in everything.

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