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Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 20011-April 13, 2011, and April 22, 2011 = 444


How powerful can this be that Earth Day is going to be celebrated on a day that has triple fours? This will definitely be a special day. Earth Day is the time we stop and honor the planet and commit to going green. We can't afford to  take our natural resources for granted. In decades to come we won't have clean air or wate if we don't take care of our environment now. The catastrophic event of the nuclear reactors in Japan is a wake-up call for humanity to  revisit the issue of nuclear energy. We must ask the question is it in harmony and balance with the planet and its inhabitants?

Numerically, the single digit 4 represents structure, time, and the earth. The numbers of this day are not by chance; its a symbolic message from the Divine Mind. 444 is about angle love and protection. This will be a powerful day as thousands of angels surround the planet. The angels will come to reassure us that Divine Protection is with us no matter how unsettling things might get in this revoluntary cycle. It reminds me of the verse in the Christian Bibe: He will give His angels charge of you. Psalm 91:11

For those of us who are sensitive to Earth energies, we will be able to hear the angelic music and perhaps have contact with one or two of them. Remember they come in many forms and always assist us to reach our highest good. Be open and receptive to their magnificent energy.

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