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Monday, April 18, 2011

ANCHI Crystal-Hoax or Miracle Stone

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Have you heard about the ANCHI crystal? It is suppose to prevent or cure an assault on the human body from radiation, plus performing several other miracles. Because of the recent incidents in Japan with the nuclear plants and leaking radiation, I decided to find out more about the ANCHI crystal; after all we have 104 plants in the US. So, what did I find out? I emailed, Jim Heinen of Treasure of the Earth and asked him about this crystal and if he had any for sale. He replied,” Have never heard of them. But I don't know everything. I usually approach with caution when I'm told that a crystal can be found in only 1 location and it has a high price. In the article below they get $79 for 2 very small crystals. Take a moment for discernment before ordering. If it turns out to be something unique, I will be glad to hear your report. I'm always ready to learn something new.”

Now I’m really curious about this crystal that hasn’t gained the popularity you would think it should have in today’s turmoil climate. My next search led me to an email I had received from Janice Brown an associate of the geometric sculptures company by Gregory Hoag. I had met Gregory years ago at a sacred geometry conference in Sedona, Arizona and purchased one of his ePendants and two Metaforms for my home. You can go to his website at or to find out more about his Metaforms and the ANCHI crystals. I trust Gregory’s recommendation, but I still wanted to find out more about this crystal.

ANCHI is publicized as an ancient crystal with encoded mysteries and found in only one location in the world. This is where the story gets very interesting. You never discover the name of the location. What you do learn is that the crystals organize water. When water is exposed to ANCHI crystal the molecules align themselves with the crystal to create healthful and positive benefits. The story of ANCHI crystal can be found at this website: or you can watch the videos. I plan to purchase a bag of crystals, and of course, I’ll let you know my findings. If you have had any experiences with ANCHI crystals let me know.

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