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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sacred Awakening Series with Jack Kornfield and Sylvia Boorstein

Dear Reader,

Spirit Rock Meditation Center is presenting the following teleseminar series and it's free. Please read below and share with others. How cool is this that we can now participate with some of the top leaders in the field of spirituality and download the material?

You are invited to join the Sacred Awakening Series, a unique offering that features Jack Kornfield and Sylvia Boorstein.

This is a free online teleseminar series. Many other well-known spiritual leaders from a variety of traditions will also be sharing their insights. Once you sign up, you will have access to a full library of recordings. For more information and free registration Click Here

Along with Jack and Sylvia, the Series will feature respected luminaries including Alice Walker, Ram Dass, Lama Palden, Wendy Palmer, Cheri Huber and Roger Housden

The teleseminars with these teachers are intended to be intimate explorations of what has been most powerful and transformative for them. You can participate live on a many calls as you like and interact with both the leaders and other participants via the star-of –the art MaestroConference platform, which will connect people from around the world. Or you can download the recordings and listen later at your convenience.

The series begins March 9 and is completely free as an offering from the Shift Network.

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