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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau Missed the Mark

The Adjustment Bureau is a love story. Watching it, I was reminded of the strong love relationship between Trinity and Neo in the Matrix. However, the  love story in the Adjustment Bureau lacks depth and sends the wrong message about free will.

David Norris, played by Matt Damon, a popular candidate for U.S. Senate meets and falls in love with Elise Sellas, a contemporary ballet dancer. As he tries to have a relationship with her, fate seems to keep them apart. David soon learns that there are several mysterious men who are actually doing everything in their power to keep them apart. He’s not just up again any organization, but agents of a Higher Power. He is told that he can accept a predetermined path written or designed by whom they call the Chairman or use his free will to risk everything and defy fate.

I was happy that Hollywood with top notch actors and a great budget addressed the issue of free will versus fate. Nevertheless, I wasn’t thrilled to get the message that we are being watched over by a patriarchic group of agents that have their powers in the hats they wear. What happen to the feminine aspect? It also leads you to believe that a male is the ultimate leader of humanity by using the word Chairman. How about chairperson? Additionally the agents were sometimes cruel and oftentimes confused on what they were suppose to do. This is definitely not my vision or what I have been taught about angels or spirit guides.

The ending is predictable, but I won’t spoil it for you. Go see it. It will make you think about your destiny and if a world exist beyond this physical one with entities that interfer with our free will.

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