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Sunday, February 6, 2011


I recently posted on my Facebook page ( the following statement regarding the demonstrations in Egypt: Egypt and my 2008 visit there, a childhood dream to touch the pyramids. But it was the Egyptian people who touched my heart with their love and open hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with them. May each moment give them the strength and light to stand strong in their struggle for peace and freedom.
I received the following response from a facebook friend: Can we truly call the last invaders of Khemet....Khemites...I think not...what's happening there In My Opinion is Karma....the ancestors are speaking....and there justice will be swift!!!

Of course, I had to respond: This might be true on the level you're looking at this. But I believe there is a higher level of forgiveness, love and light that trumps karma.

And you know what happened: We shall see...the Universe waste no energy...all is sent out and returned ..whether its positive or negative...the ancestors will receive retribution for the destroying of their sacred grounds by these so called egyptians...Ase!!!!

I didn’t continue the dialogue. At this point, I figured we were entrenched in our own perspectives not that we didn’t honor each other's right to engage in this retort.  What I loved about this exchange was the writer made me think about the ancestors and the uniqueness of Egypt.

Ancient Egypt left a legacy that no other civilization can match. As I watched the Egyptian demonstrations, I prayed that the pyramids, the Egyptian museum and other historical places wouldn’t receive any physical damage. They could never be replaced. Even thought we have Tunisia, Jordan, and Yemen demonstrating, all eyes are on Egypt. It’s the leader of the pack and rightfully so.

Using modern numerology, Egypt's numbers (5+7+7+7+2) equal 1, representing leadership, beginnings, and authority. (See chart below) Perhaps the ancestors are not demanding retribution, but ascension for a country and its people to move to a higher level of consciousness.

In many metaphysics studies, Egypt is identified with the 5th chakra energy of the Earth. The Sanskrit word for the 5th chakra is Vishuddha, which means purity. The throat chakra represents the energy that connects us to the cosmos through sound. The anti-government protesters with their chanting, singing, and speaking their truth are truly demonstrating 5th chakra energy.

Look at the middle numbers of Egypt, additionally the beginning number (5) and ending number (2) equal a (7).  The seven is the God Force.
                                                E  g  y  p  t
                                                5  7  7  7  2     

777 often means a lesson has been learned and the Flaming Sword is clearing away chaos. At times it might not seen that way with all the seemingly disorder, but the hidden energies are there and Egypt represents the beginning of the Creative Energy on Earth (7+7+7=3).

Peace be still.   

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