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Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Started in 2011 With the Great Shift in Consciousness

My question to you this New Year is do you really understand what the Great Shift in Consciousness is all about? I ask this question because of the number of emails I have received regarding the transformation of energies at this time, affecting us individually and collectively. For clarification, I decided to list a few ideas in this section so that you'll grasp the intent of my thinking Be sure to check out the section on Books for the Body, Mind and Spirit. I have included titles from some of the leading authorities in the Human Consciousness Movement for your perusal. You'll definitely want to read my numerical interpretation of 2011 and all the possibilities for the year. Please share this newsletters with others as you know it's a free publication, and we need to wake-up as many souls as we can to the transformation of energies at this time. Now for the answer to the beginning question.
The most important term in the Great Shift in Consciousness phrase is consciousness. Most dictionaries define consciousness as the subjective awareness of the aspects of cognitive processing and the content of mind. I like what Joseph Murphy says in Within You is the Power:  Consciousness means your total beliefs and acceptances, both conscious and subconscious. In other words, it is the sum total of what you think feel, believe and give mental consent to. So, thoughts held in our minds determine our state of consciousness or reality. At any given time we are at different states of consciousness. If you take an inventory of your life you can determine your state of consciousness. For instance, do you see the glass half full or empty?
Collective consciousness is composed of a group of souls radiating the same thought vibrations. There are those for war and those against war. It comes down to our thoughts and beliefs held in mind. I know I keep repeating that phrase but I want to make sure you get it. Before making any resolutions for 2011, find out what beliefs are holding you hostage and keeping you a slave to a linear world. To move on to 4th dimensional reality we have to think intuitively. Another blog will be coming soon on such terms as linear and the dimensions. If you want to get a head start or need a reminder on these metaphysical terms, then read Path to Truth. You can download a free copy by contacting me at
The term Great Shift refers to the magnitude of the changes in consciousness.  The thoughts of humanity (a large portion of us) are changing how we perceive our present day reality. This change is creating havoc as the old way of thinking is leaving and a new way is coming in. 2011 is the year that the battle between the two paradigms will play out in a big way.
Another term that is often mentioned is higher consciousness. We are souls that have an ego or personality and a higher self. The Great Shift in Consciousness is about moving from an ego driven society to one of being directed by our higher self. The ego driven personality is based in a reality of duality that oscillate between good and evil. The higher self vibrates in the realm of oneness and unconditional love. Duality will always exist, but if we are anchored in the light we will live from the light.  

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