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Monday, January 10, 2011

Dead Birds, Fish Everywhere:Is This a Part of the Great Shift

Dead birds are dropping from the sky and fish are dying in the streams of the world. Is this a part of the Great Shift in Consciousness taking place? Is it a wake- up call for us to pay attention to the events that are happening not only to us on an individual and collective level, but also what is happening to the minerals, plants, animals, and our beloved planet, Gaia. Scientists are studying the earth's magnetic field and finding that the reversal between the north and south magnetic poles will eventually happen in a few centuries. Meanwhile, the magnetic poles are shifting at about 40 miles a year causing the north pole to move in the direction of Russia.

Be sure to check with the Tampa International airport before scheduling a flight there to see if they up and running. The shift in the north magnetic pole affected the Tampa airport that is 3500 miles away. The airport compass aligning numbers on the runway are no longer accurate. They changed by 10 degrees, making it dangerous for pilots to align up their compasses for a safe landing

Some scientists believe that the shift could be the cause of the dead birds. Birds have built in compasses that are out of sync with the shift in the poles,creating confusion and eventually death. Media reports are saying that the cause of the dead birds and fish is due to the weather, the power lines, fireworks, the imbalance in the environment and/or chemical pollutions. Some believe that HARP and other countries with advance technology are somehow responsible for these acts. The truth be told, we don't know. But something happened and human consciousness is now embedded in fear. You can read on the Internet and other media sources about the world coming to an end; man is doomed; and it's an bad omen. I don't think this is an omen of bad things to come, because we have had dying birds and fish before just not of this magnitude. However, I do believe because our consciousness is changing we will be more aware of these types of events and others and that affect our planet and its inhabitants. This heightened awareness is the beginning step in the Great Shift in consciousness.

Is there a spiritual significance to all of this?  A bird is a messenger of God, vibrating at the 6 intuitive level. In the Tarot Cards, 6 is represented by the Major Arcana card-the Lovers, calling for balancing the yin and yang energies of the planet. Birds bring the spiritual message to love and to take care of home, the planet. Fish also vibrates to a 6 vibration, telling us we have choices. We can build a path of light or a path of darkness. The choice is ours.

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