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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Who Let the Skeletons Out?

Remember 1999 and everyone was on pins and needles about the beginning of a new decade and millennium? We were concerned about Y2K: globally significant computer failures, the second coming of Christ and the end of the world prophecies. None of the above happened and now there is a similar energy circulating the globe with 2012 fast approaching. Will we move into 4th dimension or higher consciousness as many lightworkers have predicted?
2011 is definitely the wake-up year. It will be the year that we will individually and collectively face the light and dark sides of our being in significant proportions. Our skeletons will come out of the closet and rattle until changes are made. As the Hopi Prophecy says there will be two roads to travel--materialism consciousness (path of darkness)  or higher consciousness (path of light). The choice will be yours determined by your thoughts and actions. The material path will keep those who choose this path locked in the karmic wheel of reincarnation and they will continue to live in the world of duality as experienced today. Those of us choosing the path of light will feel a strong calling to be a part of the change to higher consciousness. Once you consciously put that thought out in the Universe, your life will change. At first it will seem as if all of your fears have surfaced and your life is out of control. Life lessons will come hard and fast. The most difficult part will be learning how to hold the light within our being by living continually from the heart
The heart is the end point of the sacred spiral and holds  our deepest fears and hopes. Both will surface this year. Numerically 2011 (2+0+1+1=4) equals a 4 and deals with the heart chakra, right use of power, and truth. Expect lots of information to come from the heart chakra of the Earth, Glastonbury in the UK. The 4 also represents the Earth and if we don't get a handle on the environment, we will see many changes in the weather and land.  
In the Tarot Cards, the Emperor personifies the energy of the 4. He is about adhering to manmade rules and regulations. The Emperor is the King or in today's world those with power to control the masses. Once you decide to journey the path of light, you'll have to become a spiritual warrior of light, because the powers of darkness are not going to let your soul be free without a fight. Manipulation, temptation and greed will be your greatest enemies.
However, within 2011 is the Master number 11, that will reveal to you the sword of truth within your soul. The sword of  truth  opens gateways to  higher consciousness, and helps you stay on the path of light even if the path seems difficult. In the past, textbooks were written to reflect the consciousness of those in control of the masses. Recently, the Virginia State School Board had to remove a 4th grade textbook with errors about black soldiers in the Civil War. Additionally, the Wikileak scenario that dominated the media is an example of how the battle is being played out. Both the Wikileak and the government have secrets. Secrets and lies are not a part of the 4th dimension realm of light. It is not about who is right; it's about truth and balance being restore to its' rightful place in the Universe, so we won't have secrets and lies.  

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