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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Copy of Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness-a Holiday Gift

My first book, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness was published in 2000, by Writer's Press, one of the first internet publishing companies offering POD (Publishing on Demand). Ten years later the book is still in print published by, the company that bought out Writer's Press. Last year I decided to publish it in eBook format after much soul searching. I was worried that the information was dated, based on my expanded consciousness. I asked my family and friends if I should pull the plug on the book. The resounding response was, "No, the book had helped so many seekers with their quest for spiritual knowledge." 

That same week I received an email from a reader thanking me for the the book and stating how much it had helped her. I believe that my guides were speaking through this reader. So, one day I sat quietly reading through the manuscript with a different consciousness from when I wrote it.  Finishing the manuscript I realized the lesson for me was to understand that consciousness is always evolving but we must remain humble. Additionally, everyone is evolving at different levels. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom is not about intellect; it is about awakening the lotus petals of the Chakras. The simplest phrase can transform one's consciousness no matter where she is on her spiritual path. Path to Truth is continuing to be my guide. I put the manuscript into eBook format and you may receive a free copy by contacting me at I want to share this book with you and for you to share it with others because this is what I believe it will do for you.

1. Help you with the Great Shift that is taking place right now on our planet.
2. Awaken and expand your consciousness to the laws and wisdom of  Spirit.
3. Teach you how to abide by the Universal/Hermetic Laws.
4. Teach you to trust your intuitive self.
5. Open your consciousness to a new way of thinking and living.
6. Teach you to live in the NOW.
7. Give you the blueprint for the school of life.
8. Teach you how to work with energy.
9. Teach you to stay in a health and wealth consciousness.
10. Teach you to realize the power of your own thoughts to create your reality.

Get a free eBook copy by emailing me at In the subject line just write Path to Truth. You can also get a printed copy at Path to truth.

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