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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gregg Braden - The Science of Miracles 4/7

Have you ever wondered about the difference between your emotions and feelings? I believe that Gregg Braden,the author of the God Code and Isaiah Effect, explains quite effectively the difference. Since we are in the midst of the Great Shift, one of the most important things we must do is align and balance our physical,emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The wrong use of our thoughts and emotions keep us locked into unhealthy dualistic programs of this Universe. In order to move forward you need to know and use the right methodology to clear out old emotional and thought patterns. Listen closely as Gregg Braden explains the science of miracles.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season's Greetings

Thank you for your support over the past year. I look forward to sharing my spiritual insights and sacred journey with you in 2011. May your holidays be joyful and the New Year full of Peace, Love and Prosperity.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

December 21, 2010- the Coming of the Light

The other day I received the nicest gift from a friend--The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid. If you have been following my blog then you know this was the perfect gift for me. This deck is based on the mythology of one of my favorite places, the Isle of Avalon or Glastonbury in the UK. As I became acquainted with the deck, I immediately felt the powerful insightfulness of the oracles-Goddesses/priestesses. I thought about the triple event happening today, December 21, 2010: the winter solstice, the full moon/total eclipse and 3:3:3 numerical blueprint of the day.

 Intuitively, I received the following message after doing a five card spread. Humanity needs to pay special attention to the subtle energies of the day because they are precursors of what to expect but on a much grander scale on December 21, 2012. Change is coming and as co-creators of this world we have a stake in how this transformation will take place. There are many dire predictions about this day, but it will not be the end of the world. We will experience even more of the Great Shift that has already started and will cross over all cultures and social-economic systems of the universe.

 The Spirit of Maat Magazine did a survey, asking its readers to share with them how they are responding to the energies of the Great Shift. The response was phenomenal. Read them at

On December 21, 2010 we have a full moon symbolizing the Goddess energy of illusion and intuitive and the winter solstice, a time of rebirth. Winter solstice or mid-winter day for the northern hemisphere occurs every year on December 21, when the sun is at its lowest and weakest point. It is the shortest day of the year. Ancient civilizations, which were connected with the cycles of nature, revered and celebrated the day because it meant the coming of the light. December 21 represented a pivot point from which the sun grew stronger and brighter promising warmth for the land. The concept of the birth of the sun is a pagan holiday that many religions have adapted to their faiths. Read more about the origin of Christmas at,

The day also offers us a chance to awaken from  programs of thoughts and feelings that keep us locked into illusions to be reborn into a world of light. To accept this energy and prepare ourselves for the coming of the light we have to go within. I suggest you set aside a time for meditation at 12 noon or 12 midnight for 12 to 21 minutes. You don’t have to do anything elaborate, just be in a space of quietness, receptivity, and belief. That’s all it takes. You’ll be connecting with many people around the globe awakening to higher consciousness. Then you might want to write your own letter on how you are responding to the Great Shift. Save it and look at it again on 12.21.2012.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Power of Our Hidden Thoughts and Feelings

The other day as I was getting new tires put on my car I mentioned to the attendant that the shop was relatively quiet considering the cold weather and the holiday season. He quickly told me that I was being negative referring that the holiday season causes “trouble.” Later thinking about the incident I realized that my intention was not to speak words of negativity about the holiday season, but upon further examination of my spoken words I realized that they inferred negativity. And he called on the carpet for it. The good thing about the incident is that I can now look at the thought and do something about it.
The energy circulating in the universe right now uses synchronicity experiences to help us to become aware of our thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck in 3D consciousness. Awakening from the many programs functioning in this physical reality is a process we all must go through to become multidimensional beings. However in order to reach that status, we have to have a multidimensional consciousness. And it starts within.  
It was time for inner reflection.
I love to curl up in front of the fireplace with a cup of ginger tea, my journal, tarot, angel and sacred geometry cards with Bocelli or the Gregorian chant playing quietly in the back ground. Usually, I’ll select one card from each of the three decks and meditate on them.
Often my guides will make their presence known, and I just follow the train of thought presented to me without any doubt. I let the thoughts flow onto the journal pages. They led me to my family of origin and failed relationships. I remembered how stressful holidays were. I probably could list pages of incidents, but I had moved from the blame game to self-empowerment. Nevertheless, the thought –holidays equal stress- was still planned in my consciousness. The incident with the car attendant showed me how it had spilled over to other areas of my life.
I knew that environmental stress such as a holiday produces a lot of inner conflict due to a lack of coping skills. I also knew that as a nurturer I’m so busy taking care of the needs of others I forget to take care of me. It was time to put my mask on first.
The powerful coping skills I put in place:

Meditation: Mindfulness meditation is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present without drifting into concerns about the past or future or getting caught up in making judgments about what’s happening. The great thing about my mindfulness practice is that it helped me to develop deep connections with others. The incident with the car attendant brought me back to full awareness of daily activities. I’m more conscious of what I’m saying, doing, and thinking.  Holiday stress will probably never really go away. But through mindfulness I’ll be aware and be in the NOW.
Mindfulness Meditation  
Emotional Freedom Taping: Created by Gary Craig is a form of alternative psychotherapy that uses tapping on acupuncture points while a person focuses on a specific traumatic theory. EFT is considered one of the best psychological techniques for working through stuck thoughts and beliefs. It’s easy to do and you can use it anywhere. It only takes a few seconds. The basic concept is based on utilizing the body’s energy or meridian points (ancient Eastern medicine) to stimulate kinetic energy and therefore healing. It’s also taught as a stress-reduction tool to organizations, businesses and high-stress work environments such as hospitals and clinics. Along with the tapping a statement or affirmation is used. The first part of the statement deals with the traumatic experience and the second is a positive statement.  The traditional EFT phrase uses the following affirmation: Even though I have this_______________, I deeply and completely accept myself. This statement has been modified many times. You can fill in the blank to cover any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge you may have no matter how small or large it might be.
I find it to be one of the most effective techniques you can use. It’s universal and will change the face of medicine.
tapping technique 

Therapy: To reach out and touch someone is a powerful action. We all need someone we can talk to about our life experiences.  The human race survives on social interaction. When things go terribly wrong in our lives that’s the time we need to reach out to a  family member or friend. Hopefully that person is nonjudgmental. Some of us are lucky to have such a person, others are not. Another alternative is to seek out professional help.  In this piece, I’m referring to psychotherapy that helps a person use his own experiences to bring about the desired changes or solve normal problems. One of the first things in any challenge is being aware of what’s going on in the body, mind and spirit. Listen closely because all the aches, pains and hurts are the results of our own thoughts and feelings. Talk to a love one or try therapy. Do not hold it in. The challenge/pain is not going away until you do something about it. Lastly, take responsibility for your life by accepting all of  life experiences. To help me with this, I often recite The Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr:
Serenity Prayer 

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Copy of Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness-a Holiday Gift

My first book, Path to Truth: a Spiritual Guide to Higher Consciousness was published in 2000, by Writer's Press, one of the first internet publishing companies offering POD (Publishing on Demand). Ten years later the book is still in print published by, the company that bought out Writer's Press. Last year I decided to publish it in eBook format after much soul searching. I was worried that the information was dated, based on my expanded consciousness. I asked my family and friends if I should pull the plug on the book. The resounding response was, "No, the book had helped so many seekers with their quest for spiritual knowledge." 

That same week I received an email from a reader thanking me for the the book and stating how much it had helped her. I believe that my guides were speaking through this reader. So, one day I sat quietly reading through the manuscript with a different consciousness from when I wrote it.  Finishing the manuscript I realized the lesson for me was to understand that consciousness is always evolving but we must remain humble. Additionally, everyone is evolving at different levels. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom is not about intellect; it is about awakening the lotus petals of the Chakras. The simplest phrase can transform one's consciousness no matter where she is on her spiritual path. Path to Truth is continuing to be my guide. I put the manuscript into eBook format and you may receive a free copy by contacting me at I want to share this book with you and for you to share it with others because this is what I believe it will do for you.

1. Help you with the Great Shift that is taking place right now on our planet.
2. Awaken and expand your consciousness to the laws and wisdom of  Spirit.
3. Teach you how to abide by the Universal/Hermetic Laws.
4. Teach you to trust your intuitive self.
5. Open your consciousness to a new way of thinking and living.
6. Teach you to live in the NOW.
7. Give you the blueprint for the school of life.
8. Teach you how to work with energy.
9. Teach you to stay in a health and wealth consciousness.
10. Teach you to realize the power of your own thoughts to create your reality.

Get a free eBook copy by emailing me at In the subject line just write Path to Truth. You can also get a printed copy at Path to truth.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 3:3:3: Teaches Soul Wisdom

There are many lessons to learn this month, especially on the 12 and 21. Those are the days to become a watcher of world events no matter how subtle they might be. This is the second time this year which the triple number 3:3:3 is appearing and influencing individual and universal energies.  I strongly suggest you read my March Creative Madness blog because it deals with the creative aspects of the vibration 3. If you are wondering how I derided 3:3:3 for December, let me show you. The numerical value for December is 12.  Add  1+2 and the results is 3. So today would numerically read like:  1+2th (3)/3/2+0+1+0(3) ---3:3:3. Now that wasn’t so difficult, was it?  12 is the number of sacrifice. The 1 represents the teacher and the 2 the submissive student. Ask yourself, which one are you this month?
The 12th month calls for educating ourselves to read energies. For instance, December vibrates to the heart chakra that has 12 lotus petals. This month could be full of heartaches for some and love for others. That’s why Christmas is such an emotional and stressful time.  It’s all about the heart. Learn how to forgive and love unconditionally. My great grandfather in his will wrote that he loved his twin boys in the spirit but not in the flesh. When I first read that line, I was appalled since one of the twins was my grandfather. After thinking about it for some time and going through my own personal life lessons, I realized that my great grandfather’s statement contained much wisdom. So December gives us the opportunity to touch upon soul wisdom and love as our outer selves live in a 3 dimensional world. I hope you picked up on the reference to the 3 dimensional world. And what about all the movies being made in 3D as well as you can now purchase a 3D television.
The symbol to concentrate on this month is the dodecahedron, having 12 faces. Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci and others thought the dodecahedron represents an idealized form of Divine thought, will, or idea. This symbol has also been found in crop circles representing the numerical value of 3:3:3.  As you go about your days, contemplate on this symbol and the wisdom it offers you. Remember that the 3:3:3 will happen four times this month, 3, 12, 21, and 30.