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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Seth Study Group--Kyle's Journey

Seth Study Group Series-a continuation from previous blog of November 15, 2010

Kyle and Maria slept in the same bed that night, but each lost in his or her own thoughts. The next morning words were barely spoken between the two as they moved about preparing for the work day. Their daughter Karia stared at the two silent people at the breakfast table.

Finally she spoke out. “Mommy are you mad with daddy?” She asked,

“No, no Karia.” They both tried to reassure her.

“Daddy don’t go to work today. Stay home.” Her big brown eyes pleaded with him.

Kissing her on the forehead, Kyle said, “Hey baby girl, your old man has to work to help feed this family. But I promise I’ll come home early tonight.”

On the drive to work, Kyle's thoughts rotated back and forth between what happened the night before and his pending case. Kyle knew Maria was probably upset with him for burbling out his atheist beliefs. He was supposed to remain in the closet and not let others know the great guru Maria was married to a man who didn’t believe in God. They existed as a couple because she wasn’t religious, trying to force him to attend church or believe in anything, until she started reading Seth Speaks.

He glanced at his briefcase. At the last moment he had stuck the book into it. Not that he planned to read it. There wouldn’t be time. His day was devoted to Arthur P. Schwinger, the wife beater. He turned right at the next busy intersection instead of going straight to the courthouse. He would dash into his office, pick up some legal papers he needed, check a few messages and then head to the courthouse.

 A snow flake fell on the window of the car, then two more and as if he didn’t have enough on his plate, the snow started coming down steadily and traffic slowed. Hell, he thought, God is messing with me again. If there is a God up there, then the battle is on. And I play to win.  

At that exact moment, Kyle felt as if his body was hit with a ton of bricks as his head seemed to jerk backwards and upward to the roof of the car at the same time. The air bag inflated, penning him in. His brand new black Lexus was sandwiched between a truck that sat on his trunk and the front end of his car was piled up on the rear end of a SUV.  

"Damn you God!" He screamed. 

The firemen and police officers helped him out of the car. It was all so surreal. The screeching sound of the ambulance left him feeling shaky as they carried the driver of the SUV to the nearest hospital. He should have been the one going, the police officer kept telling him.

“Sir, I really recommend that you go to the hospital. You have a  cut on the top of your head. I have seen enough of these types of accidents to know that a day later your muscles are sore and nerves frail. You might have a concussion. It’s best to get help now.”

The ambulance attendant had cleaned the cut and put a bandage on it. Drops of red blood spotted the collar of his white shirt.

“Is there anyone you want me to call?” The office asked him.

 “God?” He said, sarcastically.

 The young officer looked bewilderingly at the dazed man.

Kyle reached into his pocket to get his phone. He had to let someone at his office know what happened. He thought about Maria; he didn’t kiss her goodbye that morning. The phone dropped out of his hands. He bent over to retrieve it and saw two of them. Then he was on the ground as blackness engulfed him.

To be continued.

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