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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Seth Group-Meditation for the Soul

Continuation from Seth Group Series of October 18, 2010
Bea sat in a yoga position in the center of the floor and rung the tingshas, meditation bells, twice to silence the group.  Besides being one of the best yoga instructors in the area, she was known for her magnificent voice. She had been told that her voice could easily put people in a hypnotic trance. She didn’t even have to think about what she wanted to say; she meditated daily and always started her yoga classes with meditation. Looking around the room to make sure no one had cross legs or arms and everyone seemed comfortable, Bea took a deep breath and closed her eyes.
“Mother, Father, Divine Mind, who knows all, is everywhere and all powerful, we give thanks for life, our souls, bodies and minds. We give thanks for our ancestors, the ancient ones, life protectors, teachers, angels and guides as we travel the many paths of life. We give thanks for the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, humanity, and all non material things in all dimensions. We ask that you clear this sacred place as well as those who are here tonight of all negative energies as we take deep breaths to release all that is not in harmony with our bodies.”
Pausing for a few seconds, Bea silently asked Archangel Michael to surround the group with the light of protection. Even before she started the meditation she could sense that a few of the members were apprehensive about being in the group and meditating. She decided for that reason to keep the session short.  Continuing she said, “Breathe deeply of this gift of life and with every breath you take, you breathe of the Divine Mind’s gift to you. Let your soul rest here. I’m going to count down now-10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, ” Bea’s voice trailed off.
Kyle listened attentively as Bea led them in the mediation. He was supposed to be in a place of quietness, but all he could hear was his own chatter. Over the years he had tried to meditation with Maria, but his mind always wandered like it was doing now. Meditation just didn’t work for him. This group meeting was a waste of time for him. Why did he join them? Did Maria expect him to come to every session? He thought about the pending case he had to deal with tomorrow. It was a high profile case and he needed to win.  His client was accused of battering his wife, whom he was separated from. Rich and arrogant, he denied he ever touched her. The police photos showed something entirely different; her face had several bruises and she sported a broken arm. But he kept insisting that he didn’t do it, and she wanted his money. The evident was stacked against him; they needed a miracle. “Hey God if you’re listening, send me a miracle.” Kyle mumbled to himself.  He gave a sigh of release when he heard the bells.
To be continued.

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