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Monday, November 1, 2010

November the Pearl of Price or the Pearl of Wisdom

November is a very interesting month because it is the only month in the year that is a Master Number. It wasn't always like that. Originally in the Roman calendar it was the ninth month, deriving its name from the Latin word ‘novem’ meaning nine. In 1592 when the Catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar it became the 11th month of the year changing its energetic blueprint.
The Master number 11 has been given the unusual title of ‘pearl of price’ or ‘pearl of wisdom.’ It is the messenger of light, clearing away hidden imbalances that need to be revealed. When events happen not to our liking, we often want to blame, judge and sometimes take revenge. Nevertheless, the 11 vibrates tells us to understand that there are laws of light energy that will bring justice and correct all imbalances. Patience will be needed because November is the month of extreme changes and carries an enormous amount of light energy.
Election Day, November 2, in the US will be unsettling; the energy is moving toward an upheaval. Prayer and thoughts of peace can change that energy. Let's see what happens on this day. The Law of Polarity requires that we understand that points A and B of any situation comes from the same energetic source.  September 11 in reverse is November 9. This is the day that we need to be vigilant of our environment.
 11:11 deserves a blog all of its own.      

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