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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

11:11--What is It All About?

I'm one of those people who sees 11:11 without consciously looking for it to appear on my clock, watch, computer or microwave. It just happens. As a numerologist and intuitive reader I have been fascinated with the serendipity appearance of the digit for many years, not only for myself, but also for so many other people. I often asked myself why some of us and not others are witness to this numerical phenomena. What is this all about?
May light workers believe that 11:11 is an encoded trigger placed in our cellular memory banks prior to birth to expand our consciousness beyond 4th dimension reality when the time is right. I discovered that crop circles work with the same principle. Once you become aware of them, you[re hooked. You want to know more and get answers about the mysteries of the universe. What does 11:11 tell us about the mathematical infrastructure of the universe?
First, 11 is a master number. master numbers are interesting in themselves. They are a set of vibrations indicating a new awareness of consciousness. The master number 11 is the lightbearer of this knowledge. Numerically, when you add 1+1, the result is 2, representing balance, the twin flames, yin and yang, the two pillars-mercy and strength, and the two strands of DNA. However when you add 11+11, you get 22, the next step on the ladder into higher consciousness, the Master Buider. Take that addition one step further by adding 2+2=4.  The 4 vibration  represents the Earth and 4th dimension reality. Could the message of 11:11 be to live in balance in physical matter NOW?
Faith Javane, a master numerologist and author of Master Numbers Cycles of Divine Order, states that 11 is called The Awakener. It is the number associated with the planet Uranus. Javane further states that with the discovery of Uranus in 1781, the consicousness of humankind has taken many strides forward.
Perhaps those who see 11:11 are the Awakeners as we evolve in consciousness, our mission is to teach love, compassion, and help establish balance on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Today is November 11, the 315th day of the year and 3+1+5=9, a time to know higher worlds..  

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