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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seth Study Group, the Perfect Seven

A continuation from Seth-a Reminder of Truth 10/5/10
Maria looked at the small group that had come to her first Seth study group. Sitting to her right was John the athletic coach at the high school where she taught Spanish. He had played pro ball until he had injured his knee. Unable to return to the team he decided to teach. They had become good friends, both being members of the same Teacher’s Book Club. When she had opened the door for him, he had embraced her with a gentle hug. Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts was held in one of his huge hands. She had given it to him for a birthday gift. When she had called to invite him to the study group, she imagined his smile as he said, “What took you so long? You know I’m on my second read. The material is above my athletic brain.”
Her eyes moved to her best friend Romayne. Most people thought they were sisters, with their oval faces, dark brown eyes, and long hair. They grew up together in the same neighborhood and were inseparable. Even their husbands would tease them about their closeness. Like twins they liked the same foods, clothes and when in college, the same men. It was no surprise that they both started reading New Thought material at the same time, attending metaphysical workshops, and reading the tarot cards.
Romayne’s husband, Richard, sat next to her, his bifocals perched on his nose as he turned the pages of the book. They had met at a New Age expo where Romayne was doing psychic readings. They would tell everyone, it was soul recognition.
Maria wished she could persuade her husband Kyle to come. Whenever she would approach him on reading Seth and joining the group, he would kiss her on the forehead and tell her she knew when they married he was an agnostic and he was still a non-believer.  Besides, he had work to do. Kyle, an attorney,  worked long hours to make partner in the firm. There is another way to do this she would tell him. “Create your reality with your thoughts and emotions. If you just would read Seth…”
Before she could finish, he would interrupt her, pretending he was speaking to a jury.  “Members of the jury, my wife want me to sit around like a yogi chanting, I am a partner.” Then he would turn to her and say, “Baby it takes work, not wishful thinking. But right now I wish your Seth would work his magic and prepare this brief for me.” He would chuckle.
“No, you don’t understand,” she would tried to tell him about the power of thoughts to manifest your reality, but to no prevail. He would pull her into his arms and she would never get a chance to finish the conversation.  
Maria returned her thoughts back to the study group and looked at Clara, who was new to New Thought concepts. Nevertheless, she had taken the chance and given her Seth Speaks at one of the book club meetings.
“I want to recommend this book to the group. Could you read it and let me know if you think the members would be interested? You have been a member longer than I have.” Maria handed her the book.
Clara hesitated a moment as she read aloud the words on the cover of the book, “Seth, a personality from another world now speaks through the borrowed body of spirit-medium of Jane Roberts. “
Looking at Maria, she shook her head affirmatively and scurried down the aisle in the school library. Maria knew she was only reading it because she felt as though it was her duty as a librarian to control what the group read.
Now she sat in Maria’s den with a Bible prominently displayed on her lap.
The doorbell rang and Maria ran up the several steps to answer it. She didn’t want to disturb Kyle. Maria peeped through the shutters and her yoga partner, Bea waved at her. They had met at a local yoga center. Bea was the instructor and helped her through her pregnancy and postnatal yoga to get her shape back. Bea was always late and true to form she stood at the door and her lips formed the word, “Sorry.” When Maria opened the door, Bea said, “I didn’t mean to create this lateness.” They both laughed. 
Maria went around the room introducing everyone. If only Kyle would reconsider and join the group, they would be the perfect seven, she thought. 2012 was fast approaching and they would have to choose one of the paths. Her mission was to be a guide for others, and she was failing. She couldn't even get the closest person to her to awaken.
To be continued
copyright by J.J.Michael

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