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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seth Study Group-Kyle's Doubt

Continuation from previous blog 10/5/10
Kyle stood in the doorway of his daughter’s room. She was asleep. He went over and gently pulled the cover up to her shoulders and reached down and kissed her on the cheek. Maria and Karia meant so much to him since he never had a real family; he was raised in the foster care system. He had often thought about searching for his mother, but after he married Maria and they had Karia, he no longer thought about finding the woman who had given him up at birth. Life was perfect until recently. He wished Maria ease up on her supernatural and spiritual obsessions. He had put his foot down when she mentioned astrology and crystal healing at a firm party. Politely changing the topic, he watched as she walked away from the group.  
Once home, they had a heated discussion as they prepared for bed. “It’s not a hobby. It’s who I am,” she said, her face taunt and defiant.
“I’m just asking you not to say anything, because most of the people in my law firm are Christians. People fear the supernatural or the paranormal.”
“They fear it because they don’t know or understand it. I’m trying to educate them.”
“How about just teaching Spanish and leave that up to the religious leaders.”
“That just it, this isn’t about religion. It’s about Truth.”
“What is Truth Maria?” He glanced at her as if she was witness in one of his cases.
“Mahatma Gandhi said there is no religion higher than Truth.” She said in strong, deeper voice than her own.
 “You didn’t answer the question. What is this Truth you keep talking about?”
“As an attorney you function according to your left brain and want a concrete definitive answer, but I can’t give that to you. I’m intuitive-right brain. “She stepped closer to him and put both of her hands on his chest. “ “Truth is inside here,” she pointed to his heart with her finger. “It's about soul evolution, its connection to the Divine Mind, the Earth and each other. Once you know who you’re, you’ll know and understand the language of the Great Architect of Truth.”
“Yeah, and it will set me free.” He smirked, looking into her dark, shinny eyes as chills embraced his body. They were coming quite frequently now, every since Marie had started talking this nonsense about the Great Architect of Truth.
Kyle checked his daughter’s monitor to make sure it was on, and then he quietly closed her door. On the way to the kitchen to get a glass of wine, he stopped at the top of the steps that led to the den on the lower level of the house. Maria was introducing everyone. She was a good teacher and he knew that she would also be an excellent leader. Marie had always been his rock, supporting him through law school and sticking by him until he found the right law firm.
He was torn between returning to his office and working on the stack of files on his desk or joining the group. He had to be in court early the next morning, but the sweet sound of his wife’s voice stirred something inside of him. Not only did they not go out any more, their intimate life was on hold too. Most nights she was already sleep when he slipped into the bed.
Kyle wasn’t a religious man, but tonight he felt like praying to God to spare him. Hadn’t he been through enough in life--the suffering and hardships at the hands of others? Why was God punishing him? Changing his wife into someone he didn’t know.
He took a step down.
To be continued.

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